Health Ministries

Help & Support for Health Ministry

You are not alone!  We are here to support and help you as much as possible.  Please check out Getting Started in Health Evangelism (link) and Our Resources page (link) as many common questions are answered there.

Join our Facebook community group for Health Ministry leaders.

For those of you who have already chosen a program and/or done basic research (like checking out our resources page) please feel free to contact us for advice or even assistance in how to run a program. There are Health Ministry leaders that have been doing programs for years and they can help train you. Use the contact list below for help (if it says In Person Help the contact person may be able to come to your location to help train you or help you get your program off the ground):

For help becoming a Health or Life Coach:
Angela Poch, RPC email: (Also get free recipes & free cookbooks, plant based cooking, video courses and more.)

Recovery Ministries:
NAD Adventist Recovery Ministries (ARMin) has resources and a newsletter:

Larry Shipowick Ph. 250-764-8638 email:
Connie Kiefiuk Ph. 250-496-5966 email:

For Supper Clubs
Lorrie Erho 604-541-9566 email: 

For Depression Recovery Programs
                Angela Poch, RPC email:
                Betty Steinke Ph. 604-882-7309 email:
               Lorrie Erho 604-541-9566  email: 

For Optimize Your Brain
Betty Steinke Ph. 604-882-7309 email: