Health Ministries

Getting Start In Health Ministry

One simple way to share health is handing out tracts, like GLOW tracts or other tracts like GLOW. GLOW has several health tracts and you can choose some spiritual ones you feel will be less threatening as well. A great resource is Balanced Living by Hope Source who has 24 tracts on health you can use like a “Bible Study” series, but on health. You can also use these tracts just like you would GLOW tracts. Visit Hope Source to view these tracts and to order.

There are two primary ways to do health evangelism, both are useful and needed: Church Programs & Individual Outreach.  

First, talk to your Health Ministries Leader. Don’t have one in your church? Get involved yourself. Let your Pastor and/or Church Board you are interested in doing outreach. It’s important to work as a team with your church.  

Second, list who you think might be good to include on your health team.  Sit down with them and discuss what resources you might already have.  Perhaps someone in the church has done a cooking school in the past or held at CHIP program once before. 

We have come to a time when every member of the church should take hold of medical missionary work… Teach the people that they can act as God’s helping hand, by co-operating with the Master Worker in restoring physical and spiritual health. This work bears the signature of Heaven, and will open doors for the entrance of other precious truths. There is room for all to labor who will take hold of this work intelligently.” ChS 135  

We highly encourage you to read “The Ministry of Healing.” As you read this amazing book, note what God puts emphasis on in regards to health, compassion, love, and service.  Hmmm, you thought it would be diet, exercise, and water.  Of course, these are vital for health too but they are also tools to express your compassion, love, and service because remember the point of health reform is to reach a lost and dying world not to just live longer.

Once you’ve decided on a program or programs and have built a team, which can be 2 people or 10 depending on the size of your church or the complexity of the program, schedule regular programs. To learn more about specific programs, click our “Resources & Programs” page for ideas and information. Keeping a regular schedule increases the effectiveness of your programs.  People see the flyers, posters, etc. and each time the Holy Spirit can prick their conscience.  There is a story of one family that heard the radio ads for a series every year in October and after 8 or 9 years they finally attended and were baptized! Do not give up.  Be consistent, it is so important.

Most programs listed in the resources section are comprehensive and have marketing, setup, and organizational ideas. Please NOTE the BC Conference does not endorse all information found on external links and programs.

In addition to the great ready made programs your church can share with the community, there are also some simple ideas individuals can participate in.    

Health Luncheons. Make a simple meal (if you are brave you can cook it right in front of your friends and neighbors). You can give a short health talk part way through the meal.  Contact Angela Poch, who has done these programs in her community, if you need help and ideas to get started.

Visit friends/family who are sick or in the hospital and insist you help them. You can offer to clean their house or just show up with a meal! People don’t like to ask for help and will usually say no if you ask. So don’t.  Just show up read to work and say “I’m here to help you, would you like me to clean your kitchen or vacuum your home?”. (Use your judgment. If the person has a very private nature they could be offended, be careful how you do this and take your cues from their response.) 

Hand out “Glow” or other tracts.  The ABC carries many different health topics from several different sources like ‘Better Living’ and so on.

Do a DVD ministry.  In your own home (or share) each week. Be sure to schedule this and have set viewing times (or pick up/drop off times) to keep things moving.  You can start with friends or put up posters or other marketing. Some options for DVD ministry

Become a Health Partner (for lay persons) or Health & Wellness Coach – see the NAD for details.

There are there are also entire programs you can do or bring in an expert to do all the work for you. Click here for resources.

Join the community of believers engaged in Health Ministries.  We have a closed group community for active SDA Health Ministries leaders and those desiring to get involved in health outreach. Click Here to request to join.

Need help? We are here for you! Click here to view contact info for several members of the BC Health Committee Team!