The Mission of the BC Conference Digital Evangelism Project is to discover and implement new methods of personal and public Seventh-day Adventist digital evangelism using all available resources of digital communication.

The Challenge and Opportunity

With the developments in digital communication that have occurred in recent years coupled along with societal changes due to increasing secularization and trends for individual isolation; traditional forms of evangelism are no longer as effective as in previous times.  Simultaneously, digital communication platforms provide opportunity for greater individual personal contact.  The church is rich in many resources, and we need to find additional digital ways to make these resources available and effective in winning individuals to Jesus.  The challenge is to find ways to develop relationship with individuals using digital communication and transition these individuals to local pastors and members for mentoring and discipling in the local church. 

The Centre of Digital Evangelism envisions a task force of individuals from the various departments of the conference along with lay representatives to discover and develop various ways of maximizing current digital resources and develop new methods to increasingly share the message of God’s Love with the peoples of British Columbia and the Yukon.  The Center will widen the scope and provide greater effectiveness for the BC Conference to fulfill its mission.

Kandus Thorp
Digital Evangelism Project Director
(236) 602-4401