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Providing tools and support to create loving friendships and improve quality of life. Bringing hope and healing to BC in unity with the body of Christ.


“The Lord desires his church to be a perfect body,--not all arms, not all body without arms, but body and arms together,--and every member working as a part of the one great whole. As the right arm is connected to the body, so the health reform and medical missionary work is connected with the third angel's message, and is to work efficiently as the right arm, for the defense of the body of truth.”  {RH, June 20, 1899 par. 10}  “It was in love that our heavenly Father sent the light of health reform…”  {CG 460.5}   

The BC Conference Health Advisory Committee is here to help you.  Request to join our closed Facebook group to interact with other Health Ministry leaders for advice and encouragement. We encourage you to also like our Facebook Page, which is a great tool to share with anyone who is curious about health. Easy domain address to share this website:

BC Health Share Weekend - Featuring: Simple Foods & MUCH MORE - Oct 26-28 2018, at Camp Hope

This year’s Health Share 2018 is about food, Dr Marcus Trayer will be unmasking the low carb diet, the Ketogenic fad, and will be presenting facts gleaned from the Adventist Health Study. Along with his presentations we have cooking demonstrations, recipes and meals show casing delicious examples of the time proven plant based option. See poster for details.

To register visit:
OR call Donna Hodgins: 250-796-5262 or cell: 604-750-8696 (no calls from the US to the cell number please)

Some think of health outreach as a side program to complement ‘real’ evangelism but God has a different plan.  We are told that soon health will be the ONLY door open to reach souls.  There are some preconceived concepts concerning health, but simply put, God is looking for people who are compassionate and want to share Jesus with the world.  Health evangelism is not about convincing people to give up meat or some other individual health principle.  Rather, it is a comprehensive plan to restore souls to a relationship with their Savior by offering hope and healing.  
“It is of little use to try to reform others by attacking what we may regard as wrong habits. Such effort often results in more harm than good. In His (Jesus) talk with the Samaritan woman, instead of disparaging Jacob's well, Christ presented something better. ‘If thou knewest the gift of God,’ He said, ‘and who it is that saith to thee, Give Me to drink; thou wouldest have asked of Him, and He would have given thee living water.’ John 4:10. He turned the conversation to the treasure He had to bestow, offering the woman something better than she possessed, even living water, the joy and hope of the gospel.  This is an illustration of the way in which we are to work. We must offer men something better than that which they possess, even the peace of Christ, which passeth all understanding.”  {MH 156,7}

It’s important to schedule regular programs.  We understand some churches are small with limited resources, and that’s ok.  Even they can do something for Jesus in a consistent and effective manner.  We have some simple and easy program ideas for you under Resources & Programs for Health Leaders.
“The gospel and the medical missionary work are to advance together. The gospel is to be bound up with the principles of true health reform. Christianity is to be brought into the practical life. Earnest, thorough reformatory work is to be done. True Bible religion is an outflowing of the love of God for fallen man. God's people are to advance in straightforward lines to impress the hearts of those who are seeking for truth, who desire to act their part aright in this intensely earnest age. We are to present the principles of health reform before the people, doing all in our power to lead men and women to see the necessity of these principles, and to practice them.” {6T 379.2}

There are also several resources on NAD Health Ministries website:

The BC Health Ministries Advisory Committee is encouraging a network of lifestyle centers (centers of influence) throughout BC.  Please consider the following:
  1. Naming your fellowship hall “____________ (name of city/community) Lifestyle Center” to create a center of influence that can be easily recognized throughout BC. “Centers of influence may be established in many places by the opening up of health food stores, hygienic restaurants, and treatment rooms.” {7T 234.3} Why? Learn more here…
  2. Schedule regular health (mental and/or physical) programs.

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