Children’s Ministries

Child Safety

The information below is important for all volunteers involved in children’s programs in your church including programs such as:

Sabbath School
Vacation Bible School
Children’s Church
All other children’s activities your church may be involved in.
Please note that Adventurer and Pathfinder Clubs are under the Youth Director’s responsibility and your church needs to follow the guidelines and requirements as sent out by that department. Please contact Shelley Gibbons at the BC Conference office if you have questions regarding Volunteers in those programs.

The BC Conference of Seventh-day Adventists believe that it is vitally important to take decisive steps to ensure that the church and its programs, to the best of its ability, are safe and provide a joyful experience for children. Policies have been established and reflect our commitment to provide protective care of all children when they are attending any church sponsored programs or activities.

The document entitled: “Screening Policy for Local Church Children’s Ministries Volunteers” is posted below and describes in detail the steps that your church needs to take to screen all volunteers prior to them working with your children in any of your Children’s programs. Please read this document thoroughly and follow the required steps which start on page seven (7).

Forms that must be completed by each volunteer include;

Code of Conduct and Guidelines for Volunteers. Copies of these completed forms will be filed with the local church’s church clerk.
Each volunteer will complete a “Volunteer Ministry Information Form”. Copies of these completed forms will be filed with the local church’s Children’s Ministries department.
Forms that must be completed by volunteers who have regular interaction with children in an off-site building plus accompanying them on off-site trips. Off-site is defined by ‘not at your church building’ or where your church regularly meets for its programs.

The volunteer applicant completes and signs the “Volunteer Ministry Information Form”.
The applicant shall provide three (3) personal references. (on that form)
A Criminal Record Check which may require fingerprinting and additional written permission from the applicant in order to obtain access to information from law enforcement or other agencies.
NOTE regarding Criminal Records Checks:

In order to save local churches money and for local church leadership (including Children’s Ministries Director and Pastors) to have quick access to find out if “Volunteer ‘X’” has their CRC (Criminal Records Check) approved, it is highly recommended that each local church organization apply for a registration number with the BC Ministry of Justice. This will enrol the local church organization with the Criminal Records Review Program (CRRP) Applicant Based Online Service.

I have attached the application form for CRRP. Instructions for obtaining the same form online are as follows:

Go to:
Now select: Apply for” Criminal Record Check and Processing Policies” on the left
Next under “Applicant based on-line Service (BCelD) choose CRRP
This should bring up the form you need.
The attachment also includes the “Terms and Conditions for Organizations that enrol in the CRRP Online Service.
Benefits of this service:

It is FREE (no charge as in going to your local law enforcement office and paying for the CRC to be done.)
The local church has a direct connection to see Volunteer’s CRC results. One responsible person should be designated to fulfill this role. Ie Children’s Ministries Leader
When the government issues your local church’s registration number, then each person working with your children will apply online FOR FREE for their Criminal Record Check using that registration number.
Allow 7 – 10 business days for processing of the CRC. Once completed, the results will be provided directly to the church organization requesting the check.