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Jesus Is the Reason For the Season!

Warmest Season’s Greetings! Today, Pastor Brake, Denny Rumambi, Joey Aguilar, and I will join our Filipino congregations in their combined Yearend Fellowship gathering at DLS. This is the time that our Filipino brothers and sisters celebrate their spiritual achievements of the year and make plans to reach more souls for God’s Kingdom. Every year they have this amazing assembling and we praise God for their vision and commitment to His Cause.

This is the time of the year that the whole Christian world “stops” to remember God’s incomparable love. This was (is) manifested in Jesus Christ in His mission to be the Saviour of all His children (Matthew 1:21). We do not celebrate the date but the event. Yes, families and friends plan to be together during this occasion for the joy of being in each other’s company, to share wonderful memories, and of course, to enjoy these moments with good food. It is indeed the most beautiful time of the year! I pray that especially during these celebrations, we invite Jesus into our homes and lives. Jesus’ birth in Bethlehem will be of no value if He is not “born” in our hearts daily. “Jesus, the Majesty of heaven, the royal King of heaven, laid aside His royalty, left His throne of glory, His high command, and came into our world to bring fallen man, weakened in moral power and corrupted by sin, aid divine.” (EGW, AH, 481)

May our God of peace, our loving Saviour Jesus, and the transforming presence and power of the Holy Spirit bless and inspire all of us to be true ambassadors for Him, always – His hands and feet in our local communities!

Thank you for your passion for God’s Cause, for your committed service in His Name, and your faithful help for the expansion of His Kingdom in our Conference!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres


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