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A Weekend to Remember!

Greetings from Victoria! The Victoria Church is celebrating a “Farewell” weekend for their church building where they have been worshipping God since 1947. They sold their 983 Pandora Avenue building last year (miracle story). Now, under the human leadership of Pastor Kossovan, they are getting ready to vacate the place and worship the Lord at the LCS school while they are finalizing the details & permits to begin the construction of an amazing community friendly church building at Chatterton Way – a property bought several years ago when Pastor Ken Schander was their pastor. Last evening, Pastor Schander preached an encouraging message and I had the honour to address the congregation on behalf of the BC Conference and congratulate them as they embark on this faith journey. This morning, Elder Mark Johnson, SDACC President, will present God’s message to the congregation and I will address the saints again. Pastor Jamieson will lead the Extreme Servolution Seminar this afternoon & evening. Please keep the Victoria Church family in your prayers – exciting times!

This weekend’s celebrations here reminded me of the biblical description when the Israelites built the Sanctuary on their way from Egypt to the “Promised Land.” God instructed them to bring “their best” for that project and they responded so wholeheartedly that Moses had to command them to stop bringing their offerings… (Exodus 36:4-7). Wow – they honoured God through their faithfulness. Later, David gathered all the materials to build a “House for the Lord” and when Solomon became the King, he “administered” that building project and was inspired to make the Temple a fabulous place for the worship of the only true God, because He deserves the best!

Today, I kindly request you to pray for the Victoria Church family as they will honour our Heavenly Father with their finest gifts for their new church facilities. Also, this festive season is a great opportunity for us to support God’s Cause through our faithful tithes and offerings. Yes, this is the most beautiful time of the year – a special occasion to express our appreciation and gratitude to God for what He has done for us throughout the years. Next Sabbath’s worship offering will be for the Adventist Ministries of Compassion Canada. Many churches in our Conference benefit from this offering for their community services’ ministries.

Thank you for your prayers, faithfulness, committed service, and passionate vision for God’s Cause in the BC Conference – we are a family!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,         

Wesley Torres, D.Min.


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