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Our Most Valuable Asset on this Earth!

I pray that your Sabbath day has already been filled with joy and peace! I will be going to Camp Hope shortly to support & participate in the Couples’ Retreat. Mira Djakov, BC Conference Family Ministries Coordinator (volunteer), is the organizer/presenter for this weekend. About 35 couples are gaining a blessing through this vital spiritual retreat – great report on the opening session last evening. Yes, I firmly believe that happy couples are foundational for a happy family & church, too. Yes, let’s pray for this event.

I would like to share a very special quotation regarding God’s vision for husbands, wives & families: “There is a sacred circle around every family which should be preserved. No other one has any right in that sacred circle. The husband and wife should be all to each other. The wife should have no secrets to keep from her husband and let others know, and the husband should have no secrets to keep from his wife to relate to others. The heart of his wife should be the grave for the faults of the husband and the heart of the husband the grave for his wife’s faults. Never should either party indulge in a joke at the expense of the other’s feelings. … I have been shown that there should be a sacred shield around every family. The home circle should be regarded as a sacred place, a symbol of heaven, a mirror in which to reflect ourselves. Friends and acquaintances we may have, but in the home life they are not to meddle. A strong sense of proprietorship should be felt, giving a sense of ease, restfulness, trust.” (EGW, AH, 177) I don’t think there is anything else I could add to these remarks – a perfect recipe for a happy marriage and family.

May God bless every husband, wife, child, and all our BC Conference families. Our family is our greatest asset – there is not any “sacrifice” that should be considered too big in order to keep that “divine appointed circle” together and happy! Parents, children grow too fast – spend quality time with them. Children, love and respect your parents – life is too short!

Please find below the link for the stewardship video for this month: “Giving Faithfully Through the Years”, a beautiful testimony by our beloved Pastor Bob Tetz, a true servant of God!

Bob – "Giving Faithfully Through the Years from British Columbia Adventist on Vimeo.

Please, let’s continue to exemplify and promote a faithful stewardship lifestyle spirit and approach in our own life & congregations. I kindly request your support, prayers, and commitment to this topic during the last weeks of this year & always!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres


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