President's Message

The Amazing Blessings of Giving!

Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour. I have been very busy (but also blessed) while involved with several meetings out of town during the months of October and November. I am happy to be back home – God is good!

I pray that you felt God’s presence and protection in your life during this week and that this Sabbath day will be a blessing in your (our) walk with the Lord.

We are already sensing something special – the most beautiful time of the year is near… That is the time that families plan to be together and surrounded by each other’s company, share good memories, enjoy tasty food, present those they love with a gift, etc. Most especially, I am certain that all of us are grateful for God’s amazing love in giving us another year of life and to experience this beautiful season, again. Although we do not celebrate the Christmas date, we value and appreciate the greatest event of all times – Jesus Christ clothing Himself with humanity to rescue us from sin and its penalty, as He gave His life for us.

Today, I read a beautiful quotation. It relates to our attitude in expressing our response of appreciation, gratitude, and faithfulness for what God has done for us: “Surely goodness and mercy attend us at every step. Not till we wish the infinite Father to cease bestowing His gifts on us, should we impatiently exclaim, Is there no end of giving? Not only should we faithfully render to God our tithes, which He claims as His own, but we should bring a tribute to His treasury as an offering of gratitude. Let us with joyful hearts bring to our Creator the first fruits of all His bounties, – our choicest possessions, our best and holiest service.” (EGW, CS, 18)

This inspired message encapsulates the essence of giving: We give because we have received first. We give not because we want to be blessed by doing so, but because we have already been blessed. Then, our giving should be motivated by gratitude, only!

On behalf of the BC Conference, I sincerely want to thank you for your generosity throughout this year by returning your faithful tithes and offerings to God’s Cause. Now, I kindly request that on the last weeks of this year, please make a faith plan with the Lord as you consider your donations during this time. Usually, more than 30% of our Conference budget is received during the months of November and December every year. I firmly believe in the spirit of generosity and gratitude of God’s people!

Please, let’s pray for the Marriage Enrichment Retreat at Camp Hope next weekend. Mira Djakov, an experienced certified Christian Family Mental Health Counselor (Adventist),will be the main presenter. Registration is still available online. Happy couples have happy families, which “create” a happy and healthy environment in our churches!

May God bless all of us.

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres.


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