President's Message

A Special Call for Revival and Transformation!

Greetings from Abbotsford! Today I will be of service to the Inspires Ministries group of believers in New Westminster. I will share a Biblical message during the worship service this morning, enjoy a sumptuous potluck & mingle with them, and organize that group as a Company, together with Pastor Brake, who will join us for that part of program in the afternoon. Please, keep the Inspire Ministries “Company” family in your prayers.

Our 2019 BC Conference Camp Meeting (CM), “Reflecting Christ’s Character”, will start next Friday, July 26. We have a line of excellent speakers in every CM division. Those who will share God’s Word in the Main Auditorium (evenings) are: Dr. Derek Morris, Hope Channel President, in the first weekend; Drs. Richard and Jo Ann Davidson from Monday to Thursday, and Dr. Joe Kidder on the second weekend, Friday and Sabbath. Drs. Davidson (s) and Kidder are Professors at our Andrews University Theological Seminary. In the mornings, Monday to Friday, Pastors Brad Thorp and Aaron Sikhosana will present the Word to us.

I am certain that God will anoint His servants in every division at CM and the Holy Spirit will touch our hearts bringing us closer to the foot of the cross. There, Christ’s love, grace, mercy, compassion, humility, forgiveness, and His free salvation are truly manifested as the real colors of His character. Yes, let’s pray for all speakers, for a revival and transformation during this CM — for those who will be at Camp Hope, and/or will watch it on livestreaming.

This week I received an e-mail from a friend quoting Pastor Mark Finley’s inspired words about revival. They are so fitting for this time of CM: “Changed hearts lead to changed behavior. Genuine revival never leads to self-centeredness. It always leads to a selfless concern for others. When our hearts are renewed with God’s grace, we long to bless and serve others. All genuine revival leads to a renewed emphasis on mission and service… The purpose of revival is to fill our hearts with such a love for Jesus that we long to share Him with everyone possible. In genuine revival our own hearts are awakened to His goodness, His compassion, His forgiveness and power. We are so charmed by His love and transformed by His grace that we cannot be silent… All true revival leads us out of a preoccupation with ourselves to lives of witness and service. It leads us into our communities to share Jesus’ love in word and deed, to make an everlasting difference for Christ and His kingdom.” (Adventist Review, Revival for What?, February 10, 2011)

Please, let’s pray for our workers who will gather for Camp Pitch from Sunday till Friday. We will be making the “final preparations” in Camp Hope, BC Conference Sanctuary, to receive the saints for CM, this remarkable spiritual gathering of God’s people. Yes, let’s especially pray for a true revival amongst all of us, daily!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres, D.Min.


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