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Tomorrow, Later and If…

Greetings! After meditating on Ecclesiastes chapter 3 this morning, I would like to share three words with you today:

As you talk about time, we should be careful with the words tomorrow, later, and if. These are the words that block our lives and do not allow us to live today. Tomorrow does not exist, nobody does anything tomorrow because when tomorrow comes it is already today!

When I avoid tacking or postponing things that ought to be done timely – leave them for later – it refers to procrastination, which is a disease.

Many times, we live a life of doubts – If, if, if…

If God blesses me…

If He protects me…

If I pass the exam…

If I decide to do something for His Cause – time, temple, talents and treasures… 

In dealing with time, I have heard some folks state (myself include):

I will lose weigh tomorrow – lose weigh today.

I will buy it tomorrow, buy it today (responsibly). Yes, nobody buys anything tomorrow.

I will surrender my life to Jesus tomorrow or later – surrender it today.

When will Jesus come? Today, because if He does it tomorrow, we are not there yet. Then, what is the most important day of our lives? Today, not tomorrow or later!

When are we expected to love? Today!

When should we intend to do something good? Today!

When are we supposed to show appreciation and care for people? Today!

When should we show love to our wife, husband, son, daughter, relative, friend, neighbor? Today!

When are we expected to make the necessary changes in our lives? Today!

When must we be truly converted? Today!
When should we be a positive influence in our homes, church, school, work place, else where? Today!

Because if we leave things for tomorrow or later, and doubt about what God can do for us, if (James 1:6)… then we have a real problem in dealing with time. The fact is that nobody does anything tomorrow. We can plan for tomorrow, but planning and action should take place today… TODAY is the time to get things done – the time to live is now. Tomorrow may never come. In the spiritual sense, tomorrow, later, and if should be considered enemies in our journey with the Lord!

The Sabbath Messages will resume on June 22.

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres, D.Min.


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