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The Power of Sharing!

Greetings from Creston! Today, I will have the privilege to support and participate in the Kootenays Regional Camp Meeting at the Creston Church newly renovated big hall. Our churches in the area (Creston, Cranbrook, Trail, Nelson, Nakusp, Grand Folks, and Castlegar) are gathering for this spiritual event during the weekend. They (we) will worship God, study His Word, and fellowship together. The speaker for this occasion is Pastor John Ross (Amazing Facts). The meeting was well attended last evening and Pastor Ross presented a beautiful message. Please, keep our sister churches here in your prayers!

Last night, I was driving with my host to his home, he shared with me his conversion story. He was brought up as a Christian until he was six years old. However, from that age until he was 14 he hardly attended any church. Then, he started to slowly reconnect with religion again as a teenager. Many years went by while “church was not as “important” for him as it was before. But, one day he met someone who spoke gently and kindly with him about God. That person invited him to an evangelistic campaign at the Mission Church – 21 nights! He attended those meetings and his heart was warmed up again and he gave his life to the Lord and was baptized. A few years later, he married the lady who introduced him to Christ and they are a happy couple. God works in wonderful ways! This story proves three significant points:

a) Evangelism works!

b) A kind word and attention are probably the best human approach to lead someone to Christ – friendship evangelism.

c) The Holy Spirit is very active, and He makes use of special moments in someone’s life to introduce His loving appeal.

The combination of the human involvement in God’s Work (passion for souls) and the always “still small voice” facilitate the turning of the hearts to God. The question is: How willing are we to utilize our God-given talents and allow ourselves to be used by Him for the expansion of His Kingdom?

EGW wrote: “The wealth of earth dwindles into insignificance when compared with the worth of a single

soul for whom our Lord and Master died.” (4T, 261) The Bible encourages us to be God’s witnesses

(Isaiah 52:7; Acts 1:8).

My prayer is that all of us will engage in God’s Work and become channels for the proclamation of the

Jesus’ amazing salvation story for humanity!

Please, let’s pray for:

1 – Kootenays Regional Camp Meeting at the Creston Church, this weekend – Pastor John Ross

2 – BC Conference Pathfinders’ Camporee, Camp Hope, this weekend

3 – Vancouver Island Regional Camp Meeting, Nanoose Bay, May 24-26 – Pastor Bill Santos

4 – Northern Convocation, Burns Lake, May 25 – Pastor Ron Sydenham

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service, 

Wesley Torres, D.Min.


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