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A Recipe for a Happy Life – Unity and Gratitude!

Greetings from Burman University, Lacombe, AB! I arrived here on Thursday for a series of meetings, including the Board of Trustees (Friday) and the graduation ceremony on Sunday. We have BC 12 graduates among dozens who will celebrate their academic achievements – please, keep them in your prayers! Praise God for our outstanding Canadian Adventist University – Administration, Professors, Staff, and of course, our Students, the reason for the existence of this quality Adventist education institution!

Last Sabbath, I had the privilege to participate in the joint worship service at Lakeview Christian School (LCS) in Sidney, and on Sunday, in the Life Celebration of Bro. Fritz Wirtz in Kelowna. Our brother turned 90 years recently. What a treat to be a part of God’s people and worship together in unity as a family and to celebrate with gratitude the long life of service to God, His church, His children, and the community at large as rendered by one of His children. Hundreds of people gathered for those two occasions. However, the purpose of both events was the same: to bring glory to God! A special “Thank You” to the Victoria, Rest Haven, Duncan, Juan de Fuca church pastors, leaders, members, and the LCS leadership for working together; to Pastor Dave Laughton for the powerful message presented on Sabbath. All of them (unity) contributed to make that gathering a Spiritual Feast. Also, a heartfelt “Thank You” to Bro. Wirtz for allowing the Lord to lead his life to be a blessing to many – “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35 NIV). Thank you to the whole Wirtz family for the brilliant idea of celebrating their beloved Dad & relative’s life while he could hear, see, and appreciate the kind words and actions of many friends and most importantly, praise and honour God for His goodness in his life (gratitude).

Two of my favourite SOP quotations highlight unity and gratitude: “If Christians were to act in concert, moving forward as one, under the direction of one Power, for the accomplishment of one purpose, they would move the world.” (9T, 221) Then, “Nothing tends more to promote health of body and of soul than does a spirit of gratitude and praise.” (MH, 251) Yes,the choice is ours to adopt these as a way of living!

Please find below the link for the Stewardship video for this month. You will be blessed by the testimony of Phil Hudema, whose life was transformed by the positive influence of Adventist Christian Education!

Please, let’s pray for:

1 – Fall Women’s Ministry Retreat, 108 Mile, Kandus Thorp (this weekend)

2 – Adventurer’s Campout, Camp Hope (this weekend) 

Happy Sabbath!

Wesley Torres, D.Min.


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