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A Practical & Unwavering Faith!

Greetings! This morning, I will be of service to the Chilliwack Church family and will share God’s Word with them. They are blessed by the presence of many children in their congregation. It is a joy to see them worshipping God with their families. Please pray for that growing church.

Last year, around this time, I wrote about hope on a Happy Sabbath message (I Cor. 13). Today, I will share a few lines about faith, which is also mentioned in that chapter. Paul describes faith in a simple but meaningful way as “the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Heb. 11:1 NASV) Many times, we think of deep theological terms to explain faith. However, since I gave my life to the Lord as a young person over 41 years ago, I have defined faith in only three words: Trusting God fully! It means that when one surrenders his/her life to Him, he/she needs to trust Him completely, no matter what. George Muller, the Champion of Faith, associated the spiritual condition of weak Christians and their dire needs with their lack of faith in so many promises of God in His WordFaith in God is the expression of the individual who accepts the fact that He wants the best for him/her.

A “wavering faith” in God (James 1:6) can make our spiritual journey a routine and turn our hearts away from fully trusting in Him. This morning I was positively challenged and inspired, at the same time, when I read a message from a good friend who pointed me to the following quotation: “Men may profess faith in the truth; but if it does not make them sincere, kind, patient, forbearing, heavenly-minded, it is a curse to its possessors, and through their influence it is a curse to the world. The righteousness which Christ taught is conformity of heart and life to the revealed will of God. Sinful men can become righteous only as they have faith in God and maintain a vital connection with Him. Then true godliness will elevate the thoughts and ennoble the life.” (EGW, DA, 310)

Today, I kindly invite all of us to develop a practical faith in our God – He is in control and is the only One Who can perform the complete transformation of our character, by His grace!

Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,

Wesley Torres, D.Min.

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