Press Releases

Elder Wesley Torres – Health Situation

Elder Wesley Torres was recently diagnosed with an early stage of colon cancer, the same that his mother, also, is fighting against in Brazil. He is scheduled for a surgery this Thursday, October 7, and is expected to be in recovery for a few weeks. He is in good spirit with an unwavering faith in God and His care. 

Elder Torres is encouraged by the full support of his loving family, BC Conference Office family, and our church pastors with whom he shared the news via Zoom meeting this morning. He plans to make occasional contact with the Conference through Mary Pillai (his Executive Assistant) and Denny Rumambi (BC Conference VP for Finance/Treasurer) to keep informed about matters pertaining to his responsibilities with our Constituency. The Communication Department of the BC Conference will make available relevant information regarding his health condition through our channels of communication.  

Elder Torres and his family humbly request the understanding and patience of our members; but above all, the prayers of our BC Conference Church family during this time. We wish him a successful surgery and a speedy recovery, by God’s grace!