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COVID-19 Update (March 25 / 2021)

(March 25 / 2021)



(As of March 23, 2021)


A new permission is granted by the Provincial Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, in her orders, March 23, 2021. Outdoor in-person gatherings are permitted with the following conditions (See order for details):


  1. “Worship service” may also include a funeral, but not a wedding or baptism.
  2. A person may permit a place for a worship service which is held outdoors.
  3. Fifty people, as well as people in fifty vehicles, may be present. Up to two additional people may be present for the purpose of ensuring compliance with the Variance.
  4. People who attend in a vehicle must remain in the vehicle.
  5. The following people are cautioned NOT to attend in-person gatherings:
    1. Over the age of 70 (even if immunized)
    1. People living with a COVID-19 infected person, upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms
    1. People with underlying medical conditions or compromised immune systems

Conduct During Service

  1. Masks are mandatory unless speaking, but should be 3 metres apart from other participants, or have physical barriers present
  2. Maintain physical distancing (2 metres) from others, unless you are from the same household
  3. No social gathering before, during or after the service
  4. No collection bag, plate, or any ceremonial object can be passed
  5. A worship leader must wear a face covering during a worship service, but may remove the face covering when speaking or singing if there is a three metre separation between the worship leader and the other participants, or a physical barrier between the worship leader and the other participants which blocks the transmission of droplets.

Prior to attending service

  1. Organizer must pre-register participants (to ensure maximum number is not exceeded)
  2. First and last name, along with phone or e-mail must be collected of every participant attending
  3. Personal information must be retained for 30 days, after which it must be destroyed.  Do not keep a copy.

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