President's Message



Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ! It is always joyful to be able to communicate with you. I am certain that each of you long for the time that we will be able to come together to worship the Lord and fellowship with each other. I personally feel that this current health crisis has taught us to be more appreciative of simple things that we took so much for granted. Also, it has opened our eyes to make us aware that the final events of our human history will unfold very quickly. Yes, we can hear the steps of our Saviour Jesus Christ coming to take us home. I pray that all of us are getting ready for that moment!

A thought came to my mind recently. It relates to the use of technology in our generation today. I do not recall connecting with people through videoconference (Zoom & Team’s) like I am doing during the last 14 months. The reality is that even in our Conference Office building we do not have a large enough room for all our staff members to get together to celebrate special occasions. In fact, our largest room in our building does not have the capacity for all of us to even worship together due to the COVID-19 regulations. We have to use Zoom for that… .This is sad!

However, as I was considering this the other day I remembered and appreciated even more the technology that we have available for us now. When I was studying English at Newbold College in 1981, I used to pay £2 per minute to make phone calls to Brazil from England. Then, in the 90’s as my wife and I went to the USA, we signed up with ATT for US$59.99 per month to call Brazil up to 200 minutes a month. In South Africa the normal price was R6 per minute for a phone call to anyone in Brazil. In Australia the cost was A$2 per minute for a phone conversation with people talking to each other between those two countries. Upon my arrival in Canada (2003) it was normal for my wife and I to call Brazil as we paid CND$1.99 per minute.

I am writing about this topic because in 1999, while living in Australia, I read a summarized version of Bill Gates’ book A Path to the Future. Back then, I remember that in his projection one day soon (at that point in time), phone calls would be free regardless of where people were and with no respect to the limits of a city, Province, Nation wide & international. Upon reading that, I laughed thinking that it would never happen. In Australia a A$0.25 cent coin (during my time there) would allow one to connect with other people in town for hours. However, how about today? WhatsApp, Zoom, Team’s, Skype, Biz Connect, VoIP… They all facilitate people to connect – mostly for free. Nonetheless, it is very frustrating when one does not get connected when the system is overloaded or the other people are busy.

I have realized that technology can be a powerful tool to unite and comfort people, especially during challenging times when many are feeling isolated and alone like now. But, nothing compares to the free 24-hour open line of communication that God has made it possible for all of us as He is always available and never busy to “talk” with us – Prayer. I invite you to make use of this marvelous opportunity which God has given us to be strengthened in our faith to come before His gracious presence, to “face life’s giants”, and to move continually forward and upward depending on Him alone. Prayer works! (II Chronicles 7:14; Jeremiah 29:11-13 & 33:3)

Please find below the link to our last video:” Susan: For Such a Time as This.” She is the Lakeview Christian School Board Chair and shares the amazing miracle of transformation and growth that happened in our school during the last few years. The school was bound to be closed but it has grown to 92 students, and now they are making plans to open a High School on their campus – God is good. This video will be a blessing to all who watches it!

Also, check the attached poster for our Virtual Prayer Conference next weekend with Pastor Pavel Goia – much prayer & much power!

Thank you for your faithful service to God’s people!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service, 

Wesley Torres