President's Message


It is amazing how time flies! We are already in the second month of 2021 and one month has passed since the last time I communicated with you. I sincerely pray that this message finds you and your beloved ones safe and in good health – God is good!

Last Monday, I felt a strong urge to visit a region of our Conference. I happen to be sitting in the chair of the “Chief Servant” of our Conference, on a temporary basisbut I am primarily a pastor, a shepherd! I was yearning to be able to visit and pray with our fellow pastors, visit our schools, pray with the principals and teachers, encourage our students, visit and pray for the sick people, etc. Well, that opportunity knocked at my door. I was made aware of the isolation that one of the most incredible pastors (retired) that this Conference has ever had was facing, beside a health issue with one of his beloved family members. I heard a strong voice in my heart – you, as the “Chief Human Servant” of this Conference, MUST GO! I got Ern’s and Denny’s permission for that trip. We need to lead by example as we are on a travel ban for the Conference Administration and Departmental Directors and each trip needs to be individually approved by Administration. I called that pastor up and made plans for that visit with him and off I went. I was planning to leave Abbotsford in the morning; however, last minute commitments held me here until late afternoon. By the time I left for the Okanagan Valley, the sun had already set that day.

Now, as look back and consider the spiritual blessings imparted to others and gained by myself during that trip, I am convinced that the devil did not want me to make that effort! I feel it today, I guess, with the same intensity that Paul felt when he wanted to visit the Thessalonians (I Thess. 2:18). Initially I intended to be away for two days only. However, as God continued to open doors, I ended up extending that trip for a whole week. I even had to wash a couple of different clothes that I had taken with me for a two-day trip so that I could continue to go on my journey. I had to do that at the hotels I stayed during the night… . I prayed and decided to do some fund-raising for the new Conference office building during that trip, too. I consider the Connector Hwy as the most challenging road in BC, or even in Canada. In my estimation, it is much worse than the Coquihalla Hwy during the winter. Then, last Monday evening, while I was driving on the Connector during a snow storm an 18-wheeler overtook me and left behind, in front, and all around me ice and snow that came down from its trailer. Moreover, “a big cloud” of snow prevented me from seeing anything around me for about 10 seconds or so. I was driving at 50 kph at that time. I lost control of my car, never applied the brakes, but held on tightly to the steering wheel. Well, when things cleared up, I found myself between 15-20 cm away from a huge precipice with no guard rail to protect me! My guardian angel’s wings protected me as commanded by my Heavenly Father – Psalm 91:11.

I stopped the car calmly, prayed, and thanked God for His protection and recommitted my life and that trip to Him. To make a long story short, God opened the doors for me to visit His children in 29 different places in that region – keeping the safe protocol for social distancing. Among those, there were seven pastors & wives, five schools (including one in the Lower Mainland before returning the rental car this past Monday), five school principals, many teachers, and students, two former school board chairpersons, two retired pastors & wives, one small church board. The result: My faith was invigorated! God used me to encourage and bless the saints; in turn, they blessed me! On top of that, God spoke to His children’s hearts and used me to collect $400,000 in donations for the new Conference office building with another $100,000 to be confirmed in about three months. Yes, the devil was shunned again. God’s Name was glorified and His people, myself included, were inspired! We should never underestimate what the Lord can do when we place our lives in His hands!

Please find below the link for our newest video from the Conference. David Haluska, ABC Manager, presents to us the miracle of our ABC in 2020: “With God, All Things Are Possible”. We will be blessed by God’s answers to our prayers for the ABC.

Stewardship Story: David – "With God, All Things Are Possible" from British Columbia Adventist on Vimeo.

Thank you for your dedicated service to God’s Cause and His children!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres