President's Message

The Joy of Serving Like Jesus Did!

Greetings from Burman University, Lacombe! Today, I will have the privilege to share God’s Word and also to participate in a panel discussion as part of the Diversity Weekend celebrations with our College Heights Church family and Burman University students. It is wonderful to come together as God’s family to rejoice in our rich heritage and diversity! Please keep Burman University, our Canadian Adventist University, in your prayers.

This morning I felt impressed to share a beautiful quotation from the SOP with you. It really inspired me! I pray that it will also touch your heart, especially as you consider the way Jesus conducted His ministry on earth. “It was the outcast, the publican and sinner, the despised of the nations, that Christ called, and by His loving kindness compelled to come unto Him. The one class that He would never countenance was those who stood apart in their self-esteem, and looked down upon others.” (EGW, MH, 164) Yes, we are all God’s children, regardless of our ethnicity, age, gender, color of skin, walks of life, socio-economic condition, etc.

I pray that when ministering to people, our eyes will be fixed only in how to help them to come and enjoy a closer relationship with our Saviour. For some people, the only Christ they will ever encounter is the One that you and I would reveal to them!

May God bless us all as we minister to God’s children today – those that we already know and the ones He will bring to us to serve them in His Name!

Please, find below the link to our beautiful stewardship video for this month – “Today is the Day that Help Would Come.” Bro. Ray Broussek’s inspiring testimony will enrich our experience with the Lord.

Please, let’s pray for our Board of Directors Meeting tomorrow and for the following retreats/training events at Camp Hope:

1 – Men’s Ministries, Oct 25-27 (this weekend)

2 – AMPT (Adventurers, Masterguides, Pathfinders, Teen) Leadership Convention (this weekend)

3 – Youth Retreat, Nov 8-11 

4 – Marriage Enrichment, Nov 29-Dec 1 – (registration on line)

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres