President's Message

Happy Sabbath!

Dear Fellow Workers, Board of Directors and Church Leaders:

Greetings from Williams Lake! Today, I will share God’s Word with the Cariboo Central Church family and attend some important meetings in this region until Sunday evening. Please keep our churches in the Cariboo area in your prayers.

Last Friday, on our way to Clearwater, Pastor Brake and I stopped at the Kamloops Hospital to visit and anoint a dedicated member of our church. We had a short and wonderful visit with the couple and a very spiritual sweet moment with them. They were extremely happy to see us and showed a sincere appreciation for our presence with them during that testing time. The most beautiful part of the story is that Pastor Brake and I went there to comfort and encourage the sick person. However, the couple ministered to us… Their love for the Lord and His church was (is) so involving, their eyes of love and gratitude and their kind and sincere words exhibited their passion for the Gospel message and confidence in God. Wow! They recited many of God’s promises in His Word and the hope of seeing and being with Jesus – what a blessing to prepare us for that Sabbath!

Then, the Sabbath in Clearwater was amazing. The church was completely full as members and guests came from different places to support the opening and dedication of the “new” fully renovated & beautiful church in town (pictures attached). The former Mayor of Clearwater was present and so was the pastor (Christian Church) who built the original church several years ago. What a thrill! We all felt God’s presence among us and the participants were spiritually challenged to Reflect God’s Glory and Christ’s Character as they minister to people in Clearwater.

On our way back, Pastor Brake and I visited another couple who could not attend the services because they were (are) battling with some health issues. We were received with a friendly smile and their faces revealed the Christian hope! What a joy to be able to serve God’s people. At the end, we were the ones who received the greatest blessings!

This morning, regardless of your position in the church, I kindly request you to invest some time in visiting God’s flock. Please, make that visit purposeful and spiritual. Talk about God’s love, read the Scriptures, sing a song, and take time to pray, together. Be ready for the blessings! (Isa. 52:7; James 1:27; 5:13-16)

Please, let’s pray for the spiritual success of the upcoming Spiritual Retreats/Trainings at Camp Hope – (registration available online):

1 – Men’s Ministries, Oct 25-27 (please check the link)

2 – AMPT (Adventurers, Masterguides, Pathfinders, Teen) Leadership Convention, Oct 25-27

3 – Youth Retreat, Nov 8-11 

4 – Marriage Enrichment, Nov 29-Dec 1

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres