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Camp Hope Ministers to Stranded Travelers (NOVEMBER 15, 2021)

Camp Hope is serving more people than usual today due to road closures. In addition to the Lytton First Nations guests, Camp Hope now serves stranded travelers on the Lougheed. Late yesterday, November 14, landslides blocked the road to Camp Hope in both directions. The Lougheed is closed just west of the weigh station and at Ruby Creek because of mud and rock slides. 

Todd Schafer and his maintenance team are providing transportation using Mountain View Summer Camp’s buses to bring stranded passengers to the camp. Flooding has caused the camp’s driveway to become difficult for cars to maneuver.  

Public power is unavailable. Our emergency power generator is working to keep power to the Lodge and keep staff and guests warm, safe, and secure. Stephanie Schafer and team are providing meals and support to the guests. Lytton First Nations members are assisting as well, preparing bedding and blankets for the stranded passengers. Emergency Operations (EOC) of the East Fraser Valley and Lytton First Nations EOC are working with Camp Hope to provide services to those in need. 

We ask that you keep the Camp Hope staff and those who are currently stranded in your prayers as gusts of wind reaching 90 kmph will be arriving later today in the east Fraser Valley, including Hope, BC. 

Camp Hope has been an Evacuation Emergency Social Services Center since July 8, 2021 with the Lytton First Nations and continues to fulfill its mission to serve those in need at their door step. 

BC Conference Administration