Men’s Ministry

Men’s Ministry Weekend Speakers

David Nico Hil

David the Dragon Slayer. Co-founder of God’s Soldier Ministries. Formerly known as ‘Nico the Dragon’ – Cage Fighter.

David “Nico” Hill grew up in a home where addictions, the occult, violence, betrayals, physical and mental abuse were normal. He began drinking at an early age to numb the pain and fill the hole in his heart, spirit and soul. He learned to stand up for himself and fight, and became a martial-arts-expert, known as Nico the Dragon. He went on to become one of the pioneers of cage fighting, and fought in Russia and Brazil. He then went into acting and acted in over 30 action movies, and a show on Spike TV, playing the tough guy who always ended up on top in a fight.

As his fame and finances grew, his addiction to alcohol became an addiction to pornography, sex, adrenaline, power, and lastly… a hard core addiction to crystal meth lasting roughly 15 years. David “Nico” was slammed into deaths door more than once, and at the very end of his rope, he asked GOD to save him from the monster he had become. He had dropped down to 130 pounds, stuttering when he tried to speak , and his hands shook uncontrollably. He now heard the voice that had spoken to him as a child, calling him to follow Him, to make a promise. Today he lives by that promise, devoting his life to saving others from making the sort of wrong choices that nearly robbed him of his life. GOD pulled David “Nico” Hill  from the pig sty he was existing in and is using this man often referred to as‍‍‍ ‘one that can reach the people that society has deemed unreachable’. He has spoken in men’s homes, prisons, detentions centers, churches of all denominations across the country, revivals, schools, TV and radio.

Nwamiko Madden

Nwamiko Madden had what he coins a good parent yet “bad-ventist” upbringing. Finding himself disillusioned with the church’s apparent obscurity in society, in his childhood he decided to pursue fame as a means of introducing Adventism to household name status… And it partically worked! For just over five years he was a successful film and television actor in Canadian, American and international productions (even while keeping the Sabbath) until God made it clear that it was time to part ways with the industry. Since then he has reconsecrated his energies and talents to finishing God’s work, according to the Blue Print. Formerly the Director of Adult Sabbath School, Children’s Ministries and assistant director for Media for the Alberta Conference, he currently runs his own Christian media company, Certain Sound Media, where he functions as an itinerant speaker, songwriter and award winning film maker.