Health Ministry

Programs to Use for Health Outreach

There are many, many ways to use health to reach this lost and dying world.  And in fact, even our own members can benefit from better physical, spiritual, and mental health.  We’ve included a few of the common programs that have been used around BC by churches of all sizes. Some of these programs are presented by the author of the program, like Stress Management by Cameron Johnston and Darlene Blaney’s “Total Health” seminars, while other programs require a more involved approach. This is by no means an exhaustive list.

One simple way to share health is handing out tracts, like GLOW tracts or other tracts like GLOW. GLOW has several health tracts and you can choose some spiritual ones you feel will be less threatening as well. A great resource is Balanced Living by Hope Source who has 24 tracts on health you can use like a “Bible Study” series, but on health. You can also use these tracts just like you would GLOW tracts. Visit Hope Source to view these tracts and to order.

CHIP – Started in BC and now is an international program. The Complete Health Project is a very effective way to introduce your community to health. This relatively affordable, lifestyle enrichment program is designed to reduce disease risk factors through the adoption of better health habits and appropriate lifestyle modifications. The goal is to lower blood cholesterol, hypertension, and blood sugar levels and reduce excess weight. This is done by improving dietary choices, enhancing daily exercise, increasing support systems and decreasing stress, thus aiding in preventing and reversing disease. Throughout the program, participants are guided through the various stages of lifestyle change, helping to show them the benefits of an optimal lifestyle and giving them the tools to maintain positive lifestyle change. The group setting provides a supportive environment to help reinforce positive lifestyle behaviours and build lasting friendships. At various points throughout the program, participants take part in blood draws and health risk assessments, helping to track their progress throughout and guide them on their own unique journey. Learn more about CHIP. Click HERE. 

Supper Clubs – Great for any size church.  They can be done in so many ways. Click to learn more.

Depression Recovery Program – A comprehensive and effective 8-week program (12 weeks total including 2 intro nights and follow up dinner). By Dr. Neil Nedley. Click to learn more.

Optimize Your Brain: Simple program, easy to put on, powerful and complete. By Dr. Neil Nedley. Click to learn more.

Cooking School/Classes – You can teach others cooking.  People want to learn healthful eating.  Click to learn more.

LifeStart Seminars = 12 part DVD series. Comprehensive health ministry program available—giving you everything you need from initial contact to Bible study, using Christ’s method alone. Use this DVD video series in combination with the FREE supporting materials updated regularly on the website. Download FREE facilitator guides, handouts, promotional and interest-gathering tools, and more… Included are twelve standalone community health intervention programs by Dr. David DeRose. It is designed so that a different topic can be offered each month of the year. Each presentation is based on the nine world-famous health principles found in the LifeStart acronym that has helped millions live well naturally and without the use of prescription drugs. –

Lifestyle Matters short programs – 1. Food and Thought (a 3 evening, 6 hr seminar on food and your brain), 2. Living Free (a 4 evening, 8hr, seminar on additions), and 3. Stress Management (a 3 evening, 6 hr seminar). These simple and easy to use DVD and Power Point programs were produced by Vickie Griffin and the Michigan Conference.  Only 3 sessions which can be completed a weekend or done weekly.  Great opening wedge for a small church.

Native New Health: To learn more or order this DVD series go to

Sound Marriage Relationship House – Don Straub Ph. 250-869–7137  email:

Stress Management Seminars and Training – Cameron Johnston Ph. 250-392-1905 email:

 “Total Health” Seminar (weekend seminar comprised of health lectures and cooking classes) – Darlene Blaney, PhD, NCP, CFT Ph. 403-746-5388  email: