Family Ministries

Families Virtual Speakers Bio

Claudio and Pamela Consuegra

Claudio and Pamela Consuegra are the Family Ministry Directors for the North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists.  Claudio was born in Colombia, South America, while Pamela grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia. 
Claudio has served as pastor in various conferences throughout the United States.  He has also been a law-enforcement, hospital, and hospice chaplain, a marriage and family counselor, and conference department director and administrator.    Claudio holds a BA in Theology, MS in Counseling Psychology, and a DMin in Family Ministries. He is an adjunct professor of Family Ministries at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

Pamela has a background in Adventist education, having served as a teacher, academy principal, and Superintendent of Schools.  Pamela holds a BS in Elementary Education, MS in Curriculum and Instruction, and a PhD in Leadership. She is an adjunct professor of Family Ministries at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University.

Claudio and Pamela have a rich background in the area of family ministries having worked as a husband/wife team in numerous conferences, hosting a radio program for LifeTalk, a parenting show, “Help! I’m A Parent,” and “A Word for Your Family,” for Hope Channel and Loma Linda Broadcasting Network. They have authored numerous books, among them the three-part series, “Help! I’m a Parent,” “Grandparenting: Giving your Grandchildren a GRAND View of God,” “Making Jesus My Best Friend,” “Welcome to the Family,” “Family Faith,” and the Sabbath School Adult Study Guide for the spring of 2019 entitled, “Family Seasons,” as well as the companion book by the same name. In addition, they have published numerous journal articles.

Claudio and Pamela are passionate about building strong, healthy marriages and families for God’s Kingdom.  They are blessed with two daughters.

Ruber and Ketty Leal 

Ruber and Ketty Leal are the Family Ministries Co-Directors for the Texas Conference, the founders of ForeverONE© Ministries and Ruber is the Associate pastor at Richardson Seventh-day Adventist Church in Richardson Texas.

Since 2008, families in Texas and across the U.S. have been revitalized through their marriage and parenting retreats & workshops. 
The Leal’s are the creators of six Spinners Games designed to bring families together in a fun and creative way. They have also written articles for several magazines, books and videos on family matters. 

Ruber & Ketty grew up in Colombia and Venezuela as part of pastoral families and the spark of love between them started when they were in their teen years.  Between 1998-2005 the Leal’s worked with Family Life International and were also involved in taking the Family Life Education Certificate at Andrews University. 

Ruber is currently pursuing a Doctor in Ministry with an emphasis on Family Ministries. Ketty is also the supervisor for the Microbiology Lab at Methodist Richardson Medical Center, Richardson-Texas. 
They have three children. 

Walter Rogers

Walter grew up on a farm in Saskatchewan and as a teen felt called to be a Christian Mime.
Thankfully, he later clarified God’s call to be a children’s pastor and has served in Western Canada and Michigan.

He has a BA in Theology with an Applied Emphasis in Adventure Based Youth Leadership from Burman University and Master of Divinity from Andrews University.

Walter is currently the Children’s Pastor at Church in the Valley. 

Walter and his wife, Sarah, have 3 adventurous boys, Clayton, Kodiak, Christopher and a baby girl name Kalaya.  They love off-roading, rock climbing, canoeing, camping and ‘Snow-boating.’ 

Adam & Laurella Case

Laurella was born in Guam and raised in Southern California.  
She has a BA in Family Life Education from Southern Adventist University and then a Masters Certificate in Family Life Education from Andrews University.  
Laurella has spent much of her career as a homemaker and currently works in the communications department for the Wisconsin Conference.

Adam was born and raised in Ohio.  He has a BA in Theology from Southern Adventist University, a Masters of Divinity and a Doctor of Ministry degree from Andrews University.  Adam has served as a district pastor and is currently serving as the Ministerial Director for the Wisconsin Conference.

Laurella and Adam met at Southern Adventist University and have been married for over 21 years. They have one son.