Community Outreach & Evangelism

BC Conference Vision for Community Outreach & Evangelism: All congregations, schools and homes unite to reach British Columbia and Yukon with the Christ-centred message of hope and wholeness.


  1. Reaping the Harvest: A Step by Step Guide to Public Evangelism, Russel Burrill
  2. The Big Four: Secrets to a Thriving Church Family, Joseph Kidder
  3. Evangelism, Ellen White
  4. Colporteur Ministry, Ellen White
  5. Winsome Witnessing: Lay Evangelist’s Handbook 
  6. Rekindling A Lost Passion by Russell Burrill
  7. The Radical Prayer by Derek Morris
  8. Under the Overpass by Mark Yankoski
  9. Friendship Evangelism by Monte Sahlin
  10. Evangelism Manual by Ron Clouzet 
  11. Youth Evangelism (Church Ministries, General Conference)
  12. Evangelism Handbook by Raymond Woolsey 
  13. Persuasion by Mark Finley 
  14. Family Life Evangelism Manual by Gordon & Waveney Martinborough
  15. Winning Soul Made Easier by Kembleton S. Wiggins
  16. Evangelism 2000: Proclaiming Christ in the 21st Century by John Fowler
  17. Surprising Insights from the Unchurched  by Thomas Rainer
  18. Church Marketing 101: Preparing your Church for Greater Growth by Richard L Reising
  19. The Externally Focused Church by Rick Rusaw & Eric Swanson