Alignment Within the Church

BC Conference Vision for Alignment within the Church: All congregations, schools and homes connect effectively with one another.


  1. Revolution in the Church by Russell Burrill
  2. Every Believer the Church by Rex D. Edwards
  3. How to Help your Church Grow by George E. Knowles
  4. Talking and Listening Together by Sherod Miller, Phillis Miller
  5. Conflict and Caring: Preventing, Managing, Resolving Conflict in the Church. By: Keith Huttenlocker
  6. Victory Over a Critical Spirit. By Jim Hammer
  7. Conflict Ministry in the Church by Larry L. Mcswain and William C. Treadwell Jr.
  8. When Helping Hurts by Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
  9. Listening: the Forgotten Skill by Madelyn Burley-Allen