Reaching Across BC with Health

People often need more than one contact with SDA’s before they are comfortable attending our programs.  They need to see us just as we are, caring about their welfare.  For that to happen we need to get them in the door.  Adding a community friendly name to your fellowship hall can do just that.  As each church around BC names their fellowship hall in similar fashion, people will take notice.  They will see we are not just about “church”, that we are wanting to help them by meeting their needs when possible.

A few churches have done this already and found it to be quite effective.  They community feels more involved and welcome to attend the events and programs held in the fellowship hall when it has an inviting name.

So we encourage you to name your fellowship hall.  ___________ (name of your community) Lifestyle Center.

Click HERE to watch a video on Adventist Learning Community about churches do this in BC!

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