Presidential Blessing: April 21, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: April 21, 2018
An Attitude of Gratitude and Prayer!
Greetings from Trail! Today, I will worship the Lord and fellowship together with the West Kootenays Pastoral District members - Castlegar, Grand Folks, Nakusp, Nelson, and Trail Churches. The spiritual celebrations at the Trail Church will include a District Rally throughout the day and a gratitude service to God, attended by the Mayor of the city of Trail, for the Trail Church “mortgage burning.”
A few years ago, Pastor Doug Pond led the members of the Trail Church on a journey of faith to extend, rebuild, and fully renovate the church. Maranatha assisted them to accomplish that task. The project was completed with great success, by God’s grace! The Trail Church facility is an inspiring and inviting place for God’s worship and spiritual fellowship. Pastor Bob Babic is leading this joyful and memorable occasion today and I will have the privilege to share God’s Word with them. Please, join us in the spirit of thanksgiving to God!
The Spirit of Prophecy encourages a continual attitude of gratitude. “Then let us, in every church, cultivate thanksgiving to God. Let us educate our lips to praise God in the family circle… . Let our gifts and offerings declare our gratitude for the favors we daily receive. In everything we should show forth the joy of the Lord and make known the message of God's saving grace.” (EGW, My Life Today, 175) Let us all recognize God’s wonderful blessings bestowed upon us, every day. A merry heart “promotes and disseminates” health to the whole body! (Prov. 17:22)
Please, pray with me for:
  1. Let’s Move Kelowna Evangelistic series with Chris Holland (It Is Written Canada). Hundreds of people attended the opening meeting last evening. Fountainview Orchestra will be present today. Kelowna has thousands of people who need Jesus in their lives!
  2. New Life Church Evangelistic Campaign continues with Colin McLaughlin. Heaven is waiting for precious souls from Surrey and Delta!
  3. Women Ministries Retreat in the Vancouver Island with Dr. Ez Branner this weekend. Over 110 ladies are gathered together to be inspired and trained for God’s service.
  4. Vegetarian Cooking Class at the Kettle Valley Company in Rock Creek on April 29.
  5. REACH Training at Camp Hope, May 17-22. Equipping leaders for soulwinning!
  6. Local Church Elders’ Training with Elder Nik Satelmajer at Camp Hope, June 15-17. The BC Conference is promoting a 1/3 matching formula (Conference, local Church, Elder) for this training. Details with Pastor Tom Glatts (Ministerial Director) and local church pastors.

Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres