Presidential Blessing: January 27, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: January 27, 2018

God Hears Our Prayers!


Greetings! The BC Conference Administrative team is at Camp Hope for a visioning weekend with our Board of Directors (BOD). Elder Dan Jackson, NAD President, will be our speaker and moderator. Please keep us in your prayers for this weekend’s meetings!


We had an amazing Workers Meeting at Camp Hope last weekend - Thursday evening to Sunday. The BC Conference Pastors, Senior Academies Principals, and their families were blessed with special professional development meetings and a spiritual upliftment. Administrative items were set aside before sundown on Friday and the whole day on Sabbath. Then, Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra, NAD Family Ministries Director and Associate Director, respectively, shared with us very spiritual presentations and discussions on family matters, the focus of our 2018 Workers Meeting. The meetings were inspiring and “a breath of fresh air” with very enriching information for the participants. Pastor Tom and Linda Glatts, together with Lisa Clarke, led our children in very engaging and practical spiritual activities. This was a long waited for experience for our workers. We felt refreshed and appreciative of the opportunity to enjoy the presentations, the camaraderie among co-workers, and the care for our families. Thank you for being a faithful worker for God’s Cause in the BC Conference. We also request you, BC Conference voluntary workers – leaders of our churches – to keep our group in your prayers, as we pray and serve you.


Good news: God blessed us with a tithe growth in 2017, 1.71% increase, as compared to 2016. That was an amazing turn around. Thank God for His blessings and for the faithfulness of His people. God hears prayers! Please find below the Vimeo link for the stewardship video for the month of January.


There is a beautiful quote that I would like to share with you today. It is very applicable to all of us - personally, corporately (churches and schools), and for our BOD meetings: “The prayer of the humble suppliant He presents as His own desire in that soul's behalf. Every sincere prayer is heard in heaven.It may not be fluently expressed; but if the heart is in it, it will ascend to the sanctuary where Jesus ministers, and He will present it to the Father without one awkward, stammering word, beautiful and fragrant with the incense of His own perfection.”—DA, 667.


Happy Sabbath!


In His Service,

Wesley Torres

Wesley Torres, D.Min.