Presidential Blessing: January 6, 2018

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Presidential Blessing: January 6, 2018

Our Commitment for 2018


Now that 2017 is a part of history, the sense of being one more year closer to Jesus brings us the renewed hope of seeing our Lord coming to take us home to be with Him forever, soon. What a day that would be! The twofold question for us, Seventh-day Adventists, the Remnant church is: how serious are we in our preparation for that day and in our commitment to share with others the amazing light and truth that were given to us?


As we consider the situation of the world and even among Christianity today, we realize that we still have a tremendous mission to fulfil, by God’s grace. We need to be in tune with the Lord and enjoying a daily, personal, and intimate relationship with Him to receive the power from above to carry us through. We need to humbly submit ourselves to Him and seek for His face (II Chron. 7:14; Jer. 29:11-13). He is our only hope!


As for our mission, we ought to realize more and more that we are just pilgrims on this side of God’s universe. We need to discover and understand that as we relate to this world the important thing is not what it can hold for us, but what we can bring to the world. We are called to be God’s ambassadors - a royal priesthood, chosen and special people and holy nation to proclaim His goodness! (I Peter 2:9)


I invite all of you to join me in prayer this year, especially during the month of January, as we begin 2018. Let our focus be on our individual and corporate preparation to meet the Lord and for us to fulfil His mission with a renewed strength and courage. (Isa. 60:1-2)


Happy Sabbath & Happy New Year!


In His Service,      


Wesley Torres

Wesley Torres, D.Min.