Presidential Blessing: December 30, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: December 30, 2017
Love, Faith, Hope – God’s Presence (Peace)
Greetings! In a few hours 2017 will be a part of history! As we look back, we would see God’s hands leading and blessing us throughout this year. I am sure we all faced challenges and experienced difficult situations – we are living on this side of God’s universe where sin still exists and the enemy is working hard to discourage us. Nonetheless, this is a time for hope!
What does hope mean? What does it do? Hope is a “gift” that provides strength and courage for an individual to move on, face difficulties with a sense of expectation that things will turn around with positive lessons and answers not yet known, and above all, together with love and faith, it gives meaning to life. No wonder the apostle Paul mentioned these three virtues as supreme over all others (I Cor. 13:13). Why? Because they complement each other. Love is the foundational one – God is love! (I John 4:8) Hope is faith in practice, even during turmoil, which will reveal the presence of God – peace (I Kings 19:8-13).
Living without hope is a tragedy – no genuine love, no faith, no real peace. Albert Schweitzer, stated: “The tragedy in a man’s life is what dies inside of him while he lives.”
My prayer for each of us is that in the New Year, and always, we depend on God by being firmly established on the foundation of His character, love, that we continue to trust in His promises by living a life of a practical faith as we place our hope in Him - Christ in us, the hope of glory (Col. 1:27).
Please find below the link for the last video on the stewardship series: Letting God do the Driving - a beautiful testimony of a couple, Mike and Jean, who decided to rest in God’s love by faith, placed their hope in Him, which allowed them to fully enjoy His peace.
Happy Sabbath & Happy New Year!
In His Service,           
Wesley Torres
Wesley Torres, D.Min.