Presidential Blessing: December 16, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: December 16, 2017

God’s Way!


Greetings from Abbotsford -- home, sweet home! Today, I will share God’s Word with the Chilliwack Church family in the morning and present the concluding message of the annual Filipino spiritual gathering at the Deer Lake School this afternoon. May God bless all of us as we worship Him on this Sabbath day.


2017 is coming to an end… and this provides us with opportunities for some reflection. I would like to invite you to consider the blessings received from the Lord this year. I am sure we can testify about amazing stories and the way the Lord has blessed us. Let me share a personal experience with you today. Until not long ago, I was the only one at home who was not attending any educational institution. My daughter is still at LLU, my wife was pursuing a BSN degree at Fraser Valley University (graduated), while our two sons were at FVAA. This situation still requires special efforts to deal with different schedules and the financial aspect when we make vacation plans to spend time with our beloved extended family members in Brazil.


Some months ago, I received a message from some long-time friends who live out of the Province and whose friendship we have enjoyed even before the Torres moved to Canada. Then, he and his wife, out of the blue, offered to share some of their frequent flyer miles (legal transaction) to facilitate the exchange for air tickets for my family in the future. That was a very touching gesture. However, life went on with the busyness of our activities and this subject was never talked about for months. Recently, during one of our friendly conversations, they asked me whether I had transferred the miles – they had already provided me the relevant information and password to access their frequent flyer account. I never did it, for months… On that night, both of us sat in front of our computers and discovered that the miles would be expiring on the very next day. Again, they reiterated their desire to share those miles with the Torres. When the transaction was completed, all of us were astonished… God had brought that matter back to our minds the day before the expiration of their generous gift to my family. Coincidence… I don’t think so -- that had already been planned by our Heavenly Father.


I am certain that you have had many of these simple but also remarkable experiences with the Lord. As mentioned in one of my previous messages, every day God graces us with miracles in our lives, but many times, we store them in the “ordinary” filing cabinet. Also, while we are thinking about kilometers, God has already reserved us the Miles! (Matt. 7:11 & Eph. 3:20-21)


As we reflect on God’s blessings throughout this year, I pray that my humble story and Bill’s amazing testimony (link below), would encourage you to trust and depend more on God!


Happy Sabbath!


In His Service,         


Wesley Torres

Wesley Torres, D.Min.