Presidential Blessing: December 9, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: December 9, 2017
Talents – What for?
Greetings from Loma Linda, CA! Last evening, my daughter and I attended a vocal concert of one of her friends. I was utterly impressed with the soloist’s voice. I stood in amazement as she sang “O Thou That Tellest Good Things to Zion” and “He was Despised.” I appreciated listening to that beautiful God-given talent while I realized, once again, that our Father has bestowed upon each of us very special talents. The important thing about talents is not how many one has, but how one treats them. Talents are not to be hidden, but to be used in the service of the Lord and others. 
During this festive season, I would like to remind us about the beautiful talents that our Heavenly Father has gifted all of us with. There are those who preach and/or teach with such power and wisdom that lives are touched and characters are shaped. Some folks sing in a way that people feel elevated before God’s throne. Others have the gift of kindness that even the “headstrong” are softened by it. Some individuals are good listeners that the broken-hearted feel secure and valued. Others have the gift of comforting words like heavenly angels with good tidings. There are prayers warriors who, by God’s grace, bring peace and hope to the suffering souls. Those who are hospitable and compassionate are God’s hands and feet to others. There are many other “gifts” by which God’s face is “unveiled” in the lives of His children by those who simply allow Him to use their (His) talents for His glory! (Col. 3:16-17, 23-24). The use of talents is an integral part of Christian stewardship!
Today, I invite you to consider praying with me: Lord, I am your servant. Please, use me for your honor and glory. Let the talents You have graced me with make Jesus shine through me in the lives of my neighbors to exalt Your Name.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,                                                                                  
Wesley Torres
Wesley Torres, D.Min.