Presidential Blessing: November 18, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: November 18, 2017

Dear Friends,


Greetings from Oshawa, ON – SDACC Yearend Meetings! Today, I will have the privilege to be of service to the Toronto Portuguese Speaking Church and to worship God and fellowship together with them after a few years. Our Administrative team has been here for the whole week for the officers’ Council & K-12 Board which concluded yesterday. I am staying for the SDACC Board of Directors starting this evening and running until Monday afternoon. Please keep us in your prayers as important decisions are expected to be taken during those meetings.


Today is my older son’s birthday. Kevin is turning 18 years old – a young man! Time flies, I cannot believe it. I still remember holding him in my arms at 1:31 am on a Thursday morning at the Sydney Adventist Hospital in Australia as Angela and I were (are) blessed by God with His gift, Kevin, our second child. Children are precious gifts from the Lord, aren’t they? My prayer is that our children, yours and mine, will always love and serve the Lord faithfully.


Our nation celebrated the Remembrance Day last Saturday. Heroes were remembered and honoured for keeping our land “free and strong.” However, there was a battle with eternal consequences fought at Gethsemane and then at Calvary when our Lord pleaded for your life and mine. Then, He died for the whole world (I John 2:2), defeated death, and made salvation available to all humanity. He died for us and in our place (Rom. 5:8-12). He suffered the worst possible death through a complete submission on His part (Isa. 53:4-6; 11-12) so that those who believe and accept Him as their Savior could inherit eternal life. He became sin to purify us and experienced the consequences of eternal death (separation from God – Matt. 27:46) to redeem us, forever!


Today, let’s honour that victory that brought us peace, freedom, forgiveness, deliverance, unity, and salvation, by Christ’s grace, as we worship the Lord with our brothers and sisters – one family – redeemed by His blood. Let the walls of separation, those created by the enemy by the misuse and excuses of race, gender, age, skin color, ethnicity, and social economic discrimination hate and jealousy be broken! May God’s Spirit remind us that before His throne WE ARE ONE by celebrating and enjoying our Father’s goodness as we sing praises to Him. The reality is that God pours His blessings on us every day. However, many times we file them in the “ordinary cabinet.” Let’s start counting our blessings more accurately!


Please pray for the Vancouver Filipino Evangelistic Campaign with Pastors Justis St.Hilaire, Levi Estores, and faithful church members.


Happy Sabbath!


In His Service,     


Wesley Torres, D.Min.