Presidential Blessing: November 11, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: November 11, 2017

Greetings from Kelowna! This morning, I will worship the Lord together with the Orchard City Church family and share God’s Word with them. Then, we will bring a spiritual program to the residents of the Sutherland Rest home in town, followed by three meetings already organized. It will be a busy but a blessed Sabbath -- God is good!


Yesterday, after dropping my boys at Camp Hope for the Youth Retreat, I continued my journey to Kelowna. I had two other meetings on the way & many phone calls. It was a challenging trip -- snow, fog, and slippery roads. By the time I arrived here, it was already late and I was very tired. After answering some e-mails, all I wanted was to soak myself in the bathtub quietly and rest…


I placed my cell phone beside the bathtub as I did that. Suddenly, I felt very lonely. In my solitude -- my wife (a nurse) was working at the hospital in Abbotsford, my daughter studying at Loma Linda, my two boys at the Youth Retreat, and all my family members in Brazil! I was exhausted and became melancholic. My mind went back pondering on the last few weeks -- extremely busy and somehow tough! Distant trips to attend different meetings and committees at the GC & NAD, besides the ones in our Conference, numerous e-mails, phone calls, planning, difficult situations and decisions, long days, and the list went on. I was feeling overwhelmed! Then, my eyes became wet and some tears rolled down my cheek. A few seconds went by until my cell phone started to play by itself (how???) some of my favourite songs stored on it! The first one was “My Life is in Your Hands”… then “One Day at a Time, Sweet Jesus”… followed by “Someone Is Praying For you”… My heart was immediately overflooded! God brought comfort and joy to my soul through human lyrics and music & heavenly messages. He reminded me of His leaders Moses (Num. 11:13-15), Elijah (I Kings 19:9-14, 18), and Joshua, the High Priest (Zec. 3:1-7) who went through similar experiences. I cannot even be compared to those faithful men of God, but the reminder was punctual and direct -- I am only human and God is not done with me, yet!


Then, I considered the privilege of working with loving Christian folks in our office and with you, leaders of God’s people in this beautiful Conference of ours, and with so many friends throughout this field. Before I went to bed, I texted my children & called my wife -- I heard her sweet voice and strongly felt her “presence” and love for me, our family, and for God’s Cause! We prayed -- I am blessed!


Beloved leader, I do not know about your experience this week. However, whatever it was, I am sure God will even make “your phone” minister to you to remind you that He has called you to represent Him and shine for His glory wherever He has placed you! If He did it for me, He can certainly do it for you, too.


Happy Sabbath!


In His Service, 
Wesley Torres, D. Min.