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Coordinating children’s ministries in the local church requires more than passion and a love for children.  Children’s leaders and teachers need to understand children and how they grow their faith.  They need to know how to organize programs, teach children, nurture them and meet their needs.  Therefore, the Children’s Ministries Leadership Certification program can be used for such leadership training on a regular basis.  These courses can be taught as seminars during teachers’ conventions, leadership training or certification weekends.  It may take one to two years to complete all nine courses, after which a certificate from the Division will be given to each participant.

Leadership Certification Level I

1. Understanding GraceLink
A walk through the GraceLink curriculum, learning about how the four dynamics of grace, worship, community, and service are incorporated into the Bible lessons, and understanding the new approach to teaching it.

Active Learning
Discover the interesting and best method of teaching children of any age by involving them in activities rather than through a lecture.

3. Faith Development of Children 
Find out how children develop their faith and learn to lead them through the stages of faith development to a committed relationship with Jesus Christ.

4. Positive Class Discipline 
Learn some ideas of managing a class with grace and firmness as you facilitate active learning in your lessons.

5. Raising Kids to Adore God 
Help parents learn the most effective ways to raise children to adore God, making worship as a lifestyle.

6. Protecting Children from Abuse (Screening Volunteers) 
Protect the children in your church by implementing an effective procedure for volunteer screening. Learn how to introduce volunteer application forms without insulting long-time leaders.

7. Safety and Emergency Procedures for Children 
Provide safety for children in church-sponsored activities by implementing procedures that protect them from physical harm, danger, accidents, and other unforeseen hazards.

8. Understanding Child Development: Birth through Teens 
Discover the developmental characteristics of children ages 0-14, how they learn, and how best to teach them. Understand the needs, the strengths and the challenges of pre-adolescents. Learn practical tips for keeping them connected to the group and to Jesus.

9. Understanding How Children Learn 
Understand how children learn through their different learning styles and try to meet the needs of each type of learner. Discover the secrets for developing a successful lesson plan.

Leadership Certification Level II

  1. Growing A Vision For Children's Ministries (PDF)
  2. Leading Children to Jesus: How to Have One-On-One Conversations About Faith (PDF)
  3. Postmodern Children's Ministry (PDF)
  4. Involving Children in Mission (PDF)
  5. Building Resiliency in Children; A Guide to Helping Children Cope with Trauma in Today’s World (PDF)