Presidential Blessing: August 12, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: August 12, 2017
Greetings from Victoria! I will share God’s Word with the Victoria Church family this morning and participate in Dr. Reuben Matiko’s Funeral Service this afternoon. Please keep the whole Matiko family in your prayers during this difficult time for them. Dr. Matiko was a faithful servant of the Lord and a generous contributor to God’s work in our Conference.
I would like to express my appreciation for your hard and committed work during our 2017 Camp Meeting, which ended last Saturday evening. You made a difference in many people’s lives! Thank you for your smile and friendliness as you served God’s people, our Constituent members. God blessed us tremendously and we felt His presence with us. He inspired the speakers, seminar leaders, song leaders, singers, volunteers, and our members throughout the many divisions of that major spiritual gathering of our Conference. We were elevated before God’s presence and received rich blessings! Now, let’s practice what we learned or were reminded of: It is time to REACH OUT to our communities, in Jesus’ name, and share His free salvation message with them.
Also, thank you for your confidence deposited in Ern, Jeff, and I as we were asked to continue to serve in the capacities that we were entrusted with in this beautiful Conference. Our Constituency Meeting on Sunday was a smooth and spirit-filled one. As we begin this new term, please keep us in your prayers. We need God’s vision, wisdom, and passion to better serve you and our brothers and sisters in this field. The BC Conference Administration is truly blessed to work together with fine and committed labourers to God’s Cause like you!
Today, my prayer is for the anointing of the Holy Spirit on all BC Conference members as we fulfill His Mission by pointing people to Jesus, our Lord and Saviour (Matthew 28:19-20).  Let’s pray together for an unwavering trust in God, wisdom, humility, forgiveness, dedication, and healing from Him as we unveil His face, in His name, to those around us (II Chronicles 7:14).
NB: The Sabbath Messages will resume in September after some vacation time.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,   

Wesley Torres, D.Min.