Wildfire Update - July 28, 2017

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Hi All

As previously stated, yesterday at about 12 noon the City of Williams Lake, Williams Lake Indian Band and Cariboo Regional District made the official announcement that residents are cleared to return to Williams Lake and the following areas in the Cariboo Regional

  • Sugar Cane
  • 150 Mile House
  • Fox Mountain
  • Esler
  • Pine Valley and Dog Creek Road
  • Chimney Valley and Chimney Lake Road
  • Felker Lake,
  • Big Lake,
  • McLeese Lake

Miocene and SpringhouseReturning residents who register with the Red Cross at the Resiliency Centre in Williams Lake will receive an additional $300 subsidy, along with cleaning supplies. Other assistance services are also available at the Resiliency Centre.
The distribution Centre is now opened to the public. Today the community services director of our Williams Lake Church took donated food items to the centre; she also was helping there as a volunteer. We will continue to provide help as the needs arise and are properly assessed. Individuals and churches who would like to help can continue to send their donations to ADRA. 
Although residents can return, the city will still remain under evacuation alert; residents need to be ready to leave within 30 minutes should there be another evacuation order. Just yesterday, hots spots in certain areas in 103 mile house flared up and the fire crews were called in. Things are not complete safe as yet.
Some of our church members have returned to the city and we will have a church service tomorrow at the Williams Lake Church.
Let’s continue to keep the situation in prayer.
Alrick Watson, Pastor
Williams Lake & Quesnel 
Seventh-day Adventist Churches