Breaking News - New Camp Meeting Speaker - Opening Weekend

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Breaking News - New Camp Meeting Speaker - Opening Weekend

Camp Meeting Opening Weekend Speaker
We regret to announce that our opening weekend speaker, David Asscherick, needed to cancel his speaking engagement at BC Camp Meeting. Due to the sudden death of his very dear friend and the head elder of his church in Australia, David is returning to Australia to minister to his bereaved friends and family. We ask for your prayers on behalf of David and the bereaved family.
However, God has provided an excellent replacement speaker, Dr. Lowell Cooper, former General Vice-President of the Adventist world church, who, providentially, had an opening in his calendar at just the right time.
Canadian-born, Dr. Lowell Cooper, served at the General Conference since 1994 until his retirement in 2016. His denominational service began as a district pastor in Alberta, Canada. In 1978, the Coopers relocated to Pakistan, after he accepted a dual assignment as Director of the Lay Activities and Sabbath School departments. In 1980, he was appointed to a similar position in the Southern Asia Division in Pune/Hosur, India. He and his wife, Rae Lee, served in the Southern Asia Division for over 16 years.
Elder Cooper was Secretary of the Southern Asia Division from 1990 to 1994, when he returned to the United States to serve as an Associate Secretary of the General Conference, and as a General Vice-President from 1998 until his retirement in 2016.
Elder Cooper's recent responsibilities included chairperson for the boards of Loma Linda University Adventist Health Sciences Center, Pacific Press Publishing Association, the Council on Evangelism and Witness, and Adventist Health International.
He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Andrews University in Michigan and a Master's degree from Loma Linda University School of Public Health.
Pastor Cooper and his wife, Rae Lee (née Figuhr), are the parents of two adult children—Jondell Roy and Todd.