BC Wildfires Response Teleconference Notes

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BC Wildfires Response Teleconference Notes
BC Wildfires Response - Teleconference Notes
July 16, 2017
Alrick Watson 
Anita Odondi 
David Rodrigez
Ern Brake
James Astleford
Jerry Logan
John Masigan
Laura Oke
Sharmilla Reid
Steve Little
Thandazani Mhlanga
‚ÄčWesley Torres
Pastor - Williams Lake, Quesnel
Emergency Program Director
Pastor - Salmon Arm, Revelstoke, Silver Creek
Chair, BC Conference Executive Secretary
ADRA Canada Director
Pastor - Prince George, McBride, Vanderhoof
Pastor - Kamloops, Barriere, Clearwater
Assistant Project Manager
Supporter Relations Director
Pastor - Vernon
Pastor - Lillooet, Ashcroft, Merritt
BC Conference President

Reports from pastors:

Thandazani  Mhlanga    

2 of our Adventist homes burned down. Our people are being taken care of. The evacuation alert for Ashcroft has been lifted, and people are going back to their homes.
Alrick Watson

People have evacuated Williams Lake and most have relatives to go to.
Jerry Logan

Yesterday, Sabbath, we the Prince George Church, had 8-10 extra people at church from Williams Lake. We are offering our school property for RVs. The McBride church put up a sign offering respite for the weary travelers. They are also ready to have planned activities if need be.
David Rodriguez   

100 Emergency kits of the Salmon Arm Church have been delivered to the Emergency centre in Kamloops. Note: put into the budget the cost to buy another 100 Emergency kits and submit these receipts to the conference for reimbursement from ADRA dollars.
Collected food and clothing and took a car load in to Kamloops on Wednesday, and will do it again this Wednesday. Using Facebook to communicate. Partnering with Neighbour Link. Opening our church to 5 families - our school too, if needed.
John Masigan     

Clearwater had to be evacuated.
The city of Kamloops is well organized to handle evacuees. The Kamloops church offers its church for evacuees. A message from Pastor John explaining what they are offering was sent to the pastors earlier today. Thank you, John! The Kamloops church expects to help more in the time of recovery.
Steve Little

Vernon is coordinating relief efforts at their curling rink. 
Discussion with ADRA
In emergencies like these it is the government’s responsibility to step in and lead the response. They may appoint certain agencies to take the lead, i.e., Red Cross, United Way.
ADRA dedicated a special section of their website,, where people can donate directly to the BC Fires response and recovery. ADRA recommends that churches select a liaison to attend the public meetings where response plans are being discussed.
ADRA is making an initial commitment of $5000 to BC Fires relief. Pastors have received a message from Anita indicating how best to respond in emergencies like these - thank you! As churches, we need to be aware of what the government and NGOs are doing so we do not duplicate services.
When ADRA responds, it responds to the whole community, not just Adventists. If you wish to spend funds that help only Adventists you may donate to your local church Community Services who can then disperse funds as needed. Or help directly.
Idea: Put big sign on your church or use sign board to call a specified phone number if you need help
James later reported the following: This Sunday evening in the main auditorium at the Alberta Camp Meeting, President Gary Hodder graciously gave me the opportunity to give a quick update on the BC fires and then we had the congregation gather in twos or threes to pray for those affected by the fires and all those of you who are helping in the response.
The Rutland church is planning a response.
A follow up teleconference is scheduled for this Wednesday morning at 10:00.
Ern Brake
VP for Administration/Executive Secretary