Updates on the wildfires from different church leaders

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Thank you for your prayers for those affected by the wildfires in BC’s interior.
Please let me know if your church is doing anything in response to the wildfires. Or, if you are a church that has been affected let us know what we can do to help. I would like to share it with others, as well as with ADRA who is willing to commit $5000 toward a planned relief effort initiated by our churches.
I called the Thompson Nicola Regional District (Kamloops): 866-377-7188. They were thankful for the many offers of help, but are unable to coordinate them all. The needs are still being assessed as evacuations are still ongoing, and they are still in emergency mode. They said the Red Cross is better suited to know local needs.
A few updates on the wildfires from different church leaders:
1. Pastor Joel Duntin (Cariboo Cenral SDA Church, 100 Mile SDA Church):
Presently [Wednesday, 1:12PM] I am based in Lone Butte, an hour and twenty minutes from Williams Lake.  I was on the road when the roads closed and I haven't been able to return home. Re 100 Mile House, the town and surrounding areas have been evacuated. Most of the members bar one, evacuated to hope, Kamloops, etc. Because we are unable to enter the evacuated areas we don't have a figure regarding home losses. I understand that 100 Mile is likely to remain evacuated for 7 more days. There are no open supermarkets in the area. So if remaining families in the fringe 100 mile house areas run out of food they will have to self-evacuate to a larger centre. 
Re Cariboo Central and Williams Lake, most members were caught outside the city during road closures. Many are presently in Prince Geroge and surrounding areas. Others have self-evacuated because of the poor air quality for the elderly or children. Again there are members who don't know the outcome of their homes (especially in the 150-mile area) as we are not allowed to drive there. And major road closures remain.
So we are waiting and staying in contact via phone, facebook and email.
2. Pastor Alrick Watson (Williams Lake, Quesnel):
There are no reports of home loses for members of the Williams Lake Church.
3. Pastor John Masigan (Kamloops, Barreire, Clearwater):
Kamloops church consulting together to how they can meet needs of evacuees who come to Kamloops. Some Clearwater church members taking evacuees from Little Fort.
4. Pastor Jerry Logan (Prince George, McBride, Vanderhoof):
Once Kamloops was filled to capacity evacuees were routed to Prince George. Our community centre is filled and schools are filling up now. The Vanderhoof church members getting together to see what to do.
5. Maureen Schaber, Head Elder, (Chilliwack SADA Church):
Our VBS is collecting for ADRA and we're going to turn it in for the fire response.
6. Two other churches are getting together to discuss how they can help.
7. Another church is sending a cheque to ADRA through the mail.
Please forward this to your elders and other church and school leaders.
More to follow
Ern Brake
VP for Administration/Executive Secretary