Wildfires in BC

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Dear Brothers and Sisters,
Your prayers are needed for those affected by the numerous aggressive wildfires in the interior of British Columbia. Numerous evacuation alerts are in place for the Cariboo Regional District, including Williams Lake. I have been in contact with a number of pastors and ADRA Canada to assess the needs and our response. It is too early to report all the needs. But here are a few items I would like to share.
Our towns are being threatened. Smoke is obscuring an accurate visual of the true nature and extent of the fires. Some towns, such as 100 Mile House, have been evacuated. Families, including Adventist families, have left on their own due to the poor air quality caused by smoke. Over 10,000 have left their homes.
Two Adventist homes in Ashcroft have been destroyed due to the fires there. Please pray for the families affected. We thank the Lord for church family that gives great support.
Some of our sister churches stand ready to respond if needed. For example, the McBride Church pathfinders are readying their church should evacuees need to go that far. The Salmon Arm church has 100 emergency kits available.
ADRA Canada also stands ready to respond to needs. ADRA stands for Adventist Development & Relief Agency.
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Web links and Info:
For Information:
BC Wildfire Public Information Line: 1-888-336-7378
To Report a Wildfire: 1-800-663-5555 or *5555 on most cell phones 

Ern Brake
VP for Administration/Executive Secretary