Presidential Blessing: June 3, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: June 3, 2017
Greetings from Abbotsford, home, sweet home! Today, I will be participating in the Women’s Ministry Day Program at the Abundant Life Company in Surrey. This company of believers will be organized as a church in July. It will be a joy to witness what the Lord has done through His daughters to fulfill the Gospel Commission.
During His earthly ministry, many women followed Jesus faithfully. They loved and served Jesus and were very devoted to Him. They were the last ones to leave the scene of His crucifixion, they “accompanied” Him to His burial place, and were the first to come to His tomb on Sunday morning (Luke 23:49 - 24:10). Consequently, they became the natural messengers to announce the good news of His resurrection. Wow, talk about loyalty and commitment! Many of Jesus’ followers, including most of His disciples, simply disappeared and were afraid to be identified with Him during those “faith-testing” moments. However, those women remained loyal to their Master. No wonder they were given the privilege to be the conveyers of the good news of His resurrection and victory over death.
The Bible also mentions many women of faith - Jochebed, Sarah, Deborah, Naomi, Ruth, Esther, Mary (mother), Hanna, Dorcas, Phillip’s four daughters, Lois, Eunice, and others. They were faithful to God and served Him to the best of their abilities. They set an example of faith and service.
Today, I would like to honor all ladies who work so tirelessly to advance God’s work. Thank you for your passion for His Cause; thank you for your sacrificial love to share the salvation story in Christ; thank you for your numberless hours of preparation for service, many times working behind the scenes and not even being “visible” by the church or school, at the expense of precious moments with your family; thank you for your dedicated service in whichever capacity - either as a leader or supporter - as you serve in God’s church. You are a true and Godly Messenger of the good news! As the Chief Servant of the BC Conference, I humbly “take my hat off to you” and say: THANK YOU! The reward of your work will only be fully revealed in eternity. (II Chro. 15:7)
Please pray for “God’s Daughters” serving His Church at home (first church), in the BC Conference, Canada, NAD, and around the world. Also, pray for the Chilliwack Church evangelism campaign, Let’s Move Kelowna preparations, and for the Kootenays Regional Camp Meeting next weekend.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,
Wesley Torres, D.Min.