Presidential Blessing: May 6, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: May 6, 2017

Greetings from Teofilo Otoni, MG, Brazil! I am conducting some revival meetings during this weekend right here where I grew up as a child and teenager. My mother prayed for me for five long years during my challenging teenage years. God opened the doors and forty years ago I left this place to go to an Adventist Boarding Academy in Petropolis, near Rio de Janeiro, where I gave my heart to the Lord. That move not only saved my life… it also brought meaning and purpose to it. Thank God for Adventist Christian Education.

My mother and one of my brothers still live here. However, all my brothers came for this “family gathering” and to attend the meetings, which started last evening and will run for the whole weekend. It is a privilege “to share Jesus” during my short vacation. God is pouring His blessings! It is always exciting to “come home” to witness for Jesus, especially after what He has done in my life. Parents: Please never stop praying for your children. Your prayers are powerful!

This city used to be known as the World’s Precious Stones Capital. People came from all over the world after the beautiful and rare gemstones that used to be dug out of the ground here. As a child, I visited the specialized shops where they cleaned, prepared, and shaped those stones for sale. I witnessed that process with my own eyes -- amazing! That is how I feel it has happened to me. God brought me out, cleaned me, and prepared me for His Service. However, the most beautiful part is that He is not done with me, yet! Like me, you are also His gems and He is the One who cleans all of us for His glory! It does not matter how low we might have gone; He digs us out and shapes us as living testimonies for Him. Better yet, He will give us a crown of glory when Jesus comes to take us home (II Tim. 4:8; I Peter 5:4; Rev 2:10b). Precious stones are beautiful and God loves them in the right setting… That is why every one of the New Jerusalem’s twelve foundation walls and doors are made of a different kind (Rev 21:9-21). Coming back here, reinforced my faith in God, made me feel more appreciative of what Jesus has done for me, individually, and brought me joy and comfort in the power of the Holy Spirit, the Agent of salvation Who touched my heart to accept Jesus as my personal Savior.

The greatest testimony for the Gospel is not our well-organized church institution -- hospitals, clinics, senior centers, schools, universities, food factories, ADRA, radio and TV network, etc. All of them are important as channels to communicate God’s plan… But, the greatest of all of those is the testimony of a transformed life for Christ. Please, never stop telling others your story with Jesus! What is yours?

Please pray for the conclusion of the Mt. Hope Church evangelistic campaign today and their baptismal ceremony -- new lives in/for Jesus!

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service, 
Wesley Torres, D.Min.