Presidential Blessing: March 25, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: March 25, 2017
Greetings from Camp Hope, Marriage Enrichment Weekend with Drs. Claudio and Pamela Consuegra, NAD Family Ministries Director and Associate Director, respectively. They are blessing us with an amazing Couples’ Retreat. All participants are enjoying their spiritual and practical presentations. Happy couples are pillars of happy families! Please keep us in your prayers.

On Thursday afternoon, the BC Conference officers had the exit meeting with the leader of the visiting Auditors’ Team. We received a very positive report from them. We appreciate their thorough work. This yearly exercise promotes transparency in our human leadership activities and responsibilities in God’s work in this Conference.

This week I had an interesting conversation with Jeff Kapiniak about my last Sabbath message. He is our auditor in the office and the one who helps us tremendously in this task. He posed me a question about that message: Who is the auditor? I initially thought he was not aware of the names of the visiting auditors, but he was asking me about the “ultimate” auditor. We interacted for a little while, and our conclusion was amazing… At the end of the Great Controversy between good and evil, when sin and un-repented sinners are judged and the saints rewarded, we will be the final auditors! Yes, we will audit God’s grace and mercy and check all the work of salvation He has done for humanity. We will be able to examine His decisions, impartiality, chances and opportunities given to all His children, and testify about His faithfulness! Yes, we will audit the heavenly records! Wow… What an amazing God we serve! The Sovereign God of the whole universe will make Himself “vulnerable” to be checked and scrutinized by His creatures on the main traits of His character: love and justice. This thought refreshed my heart, reaffirmed my faith, brought me hope, and increased my confidence in Him. His love will pass the final test – God’s actions will acquit Him before the whole universe, which will recognize that He is just… (Rev. 15:3; 16:7) because His love for His children endures forever! (Psalm 100:5)

I am convinced that none of us like the strange feeling of being observed, analysed, tested, and/or inspected… This is inconvenient and somehow it invades our privacy. Being good citizens and having nothing to hide or being afraid of, does not prevent us of experiencing this when we cross another country’s border, go through security screening, x-ray machines, or are asked personal questions… However, God give us the right to do that to Him. My heart melts in admiration! We will be the final auditors of the plan of salvation (I Cor. 6:2-3). We just need to depend on Him to be among the redeemed ones!

My prayer today is for our consciousness of the privilege of enjoying a close relationship with God to the point that He becomes more real in our lives than words could express it.

Please pray for:
  • The final meetings of the Cornerstone Church Evangelism – baptismal ceremony today.
  • Follow up Bible studies with 4-5 candidates for baptism – Duncan Church Evangelism.
  • Up coming Chilliwack & Hope (Amazing Facts), and Richlands (Justis St.Hilaire) Churches’ Campaigns.
  • Let’s Move Kelowna preparations.
  • Pastor Petar Djakov & family to find a house in their new pastoral district in Kelowna.
  • Our faithfulness to bring to the storehouse what belongs to God with a grateful heart. (Mal. 3:10; II Cor. 9:6-8)

Happy Sabbath!
In His Service, 

Wesley Torres, D.Min.