Men's Annual Weekend Event 2016

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Mens Annual Weekend Event 2016

Oct 14-16 - Camp Hope

Calling All Men of BC/Yukon and Beyond. This year we have two dynamic God loving guest speakers. They will be Paul Dybdahl from Walla Walla University and Bryan Gallant from the Iowa Missouri Conference.


Guest Speakers

Paul Dybdahl

Paul was born in Thailand and spent his first 8 years in Asia before moving to the Walla Walla Valley where he attended academy and college. Graduating with a theology degree and pastoring for a number of years, Paul now finds himself back teaching at Walla Walla University. He says he is not a big traveller since he did so much of that as a missionary kid.

He says he is energized by personal connections with students. “Conversations with students about things that matter make me feel like I might be making a difference, and that is meaningful to me.”

He also says, “I think there are two basic types of men—and both types are dangerous.  Type One:  A man who has no sense of accountability to God is a dangerous man.  I warn my daughters regularly about such “men”.  Type Two: A man who chooses to make himself accountable to God is also a dangerous man.   In fact, he is extremely dangerous, but it is a very different type of danger, and it is precisely the sort of man I want my son to be and my daughters to marry”

Paul comes highly recommended by our own BC theology students attending WWU. His special interest is on issues related to the effective communication of the gospel across cultural barriers. Paul’s wife is Kristyn and they have three children, Sarah (15), Alyssa (18) and Noah (20).  Paul likes spicy food and cheers for the Seattle Seahawks when cheering needs to be done.


Bryan Gallant

comes to us from the Iowa-Missouri Conference where he is the Refugee Ministries Coordinator. Bryan says, “I am a simple and submitted follower of God, and my life has been full of many valuable experiences, trials, and blessings. My family and I have just recently returned from living in Indonesia. ”Besides the US, he has also lived in Cambodia and Yap. Bryan has spoken in many different countries as well. His passion is inviting people into experiencing a bigger picture of our amazing God.
“Some of my hobbies include traveling, meeting new people, being adventurous, eating new foods, and learning new languages. I love people of all ages, but especially young people. I currently live in Georgia with my gorgeous wife, Penny, of 25 years and my 4 amazing kids: Elijah, Hannah, Noah, and Hadassah.” 
Bryan has also authored a book entitled Undeniable. It is the tragic story of every parent’s nightmare, of losing two children (in a terrible car accident). The book follows Bryan and his wife Penny’s unforgettable saga, as they navigate the terrible pain and crushing brokenness on a road that one day lead them to awe inspiring mountains of joy. Truly an amazing, encouraging story.


We are keeping the rates the same as last year. We want you to attend and be blessed.

1 / room - $175
2 / room - $135
3 / Room - $120
Men's Dorm Bed - $100
Sabbath only $45