Presidential Blessing: February 25, 2017

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Presidential Blessing: February 25, 2017

Greetings from Abbotsford!

Today I will be of service to the Burnaby Filipino-Canadian Church. They are celebrating their 10th anniversary. The theme for the weekend is: “A Decade of an Amazing Journey with God.” They have grown tremendously and been richly blessed by God. Please keep this community of believers in your prayers today.

This week I had the privilege to spent some time in some of our senior academies. On Tuesday, I humanly led a prayer meeting and a visioning session with the Chetwynd Church and interacted with the school staff and students. The church is located inside our Peace Christian School (PCS)! They built a new state of the art gym and an extension for the school, converting the original gym into a church. The ministry of both, school and church, is very connected. One of the focal ministries of the church is to support the school to provide an excellent Christian education. The PCS school staff is committed to witness for Christ to nearly 85% of the student body coming from non-Adventist homes. What a mission field and a positive testimony for the Lord!

However, something very special happened yesterday. I was driving from a short meeting in Vancouver and all of a sudden I felt a very strong urge to make a stop at Deer Lake School (DLS). When I got there a friendly young student recognized me and opened the door for me. Then, I went to the school office to identify myself and try to pop in just to say hi to the school principal. She was busy with an important phone call with the Ministry of Education. While I was waiting for her, I started to walk around the school with a DLS badge that was provided to me. I interacted with some friendly staff and students and was even asked to address the students of two classes. Amazing! I kept coming back to the school office and had a pleasant conversation with the secretaries. The principal was still busy on the phone. Then, I decided visit one staff member in his office. He had just arrived from a meeting out of the school. He invited me in and talked with me. His heart was heavy with some serious issues that he needed to address during an out of school meeting on that afternoon. We prayed together! We both felt that it was a Divine Appointment for us to meet.

That brother took me to see another teacher. She was praying for him and for a good solution for that situation. Both of them asked me what prompted me to go to DLS at that moment. All I could say was that I had not planned that visit and just attended to a call that guided me, like even turning my car’s steering wheel to take me to DLS. Also, while I was walking around the school I noticed a beautiful Prayer Chamber in the format of a London red phone booth that was placed at the entrance of the school. I went in and prayed inside of that Prayer Booth. I observed that it was full of post it notes that the students had brought in with their prayer requests and praises. That Prayer Booth is an inviting place and a testimony to all students and staff that prayer works. The principal concluded her phone conversation and we talked about that unplanned but God purposed visit. Then, both teachers invited a group of students as they were leaving for a game and asked me to pray for them. I wish you were there… Students of different backgrounds standing in front of a Prayer Booth and praying to God as a family. Where else do you find this today? We are one family with/in God! (Isa. 56:7) 

On my way back home, I felt I had to made a quick stop at FVAA as now I also wanted to pray for our school there. The Principal was away but the Vice Principal kindly invited me in and we prayed and thanked God for our (His) schools. I am a product of Adventist education. Our schools are a blessing readily available to us and our children!

Today, I would like to encourage us to depend more on God and allow His Holy Spirit to impress upon our hearts that nothing happens by chance. (Eph. 1:11-12)When God calls, we need to be ready to be His channels to witness for Him. (I Thess. 5:23-24)

NB: Please pray for the Cornestone and Duncan Churches’ evangelistic campaigns, which started last evening, as well as for Chilliwack’s, Mount Hope’s, and Let’s Move Kelowna in the near future.

Happy Sabbath!

In His Service,

Wesley Torres, D.Min.