CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) Appreciated in Creston, BC

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CHIP (Complete Health Improvement Program) Appreciated in Creston, BC
The flow of sincere gratitude has not stopped.   Creston residents continue to express their deep appreciation for the improved health they have obtained by attending this church-sponsored seminar.  They have commented that the presentations, kitchen staff, table hosts and support staff have all been professional, caring, knowledgeable and positive.  These volunteers, empowered by Great Physician and under His guidance,  have changed lives and shown true Christian grace and love.
The trained directors—Lea Thomson, Dawna Kierstead, Gloria Messenchuk plus Sid and Carol Kettner did an excellent job. Participants lost about ten pounds each, blood pressures fell an average of 10 points, cholesterol dropped about 15 per cent and all felt  physically energized and emotionally regenerated.  Life began to take on a new meaning plus the attendees had an opportunity to see true Christianity in action. The staff  “mingled with people,  sympathized with them, met their needs, won their confidence” and now await the result of the Spirit’s invitation  for them to follow the Lord Jesus.
When Doctor Sid did the medical evaluations on the participants he ended with a question—“What did you think of the sessions?”  Everyone said they enjoyed it.  Some were so happy and enthusiastic that they actually remarked that they “Loved It!”  And this was a mere 5 minutes after they had endured their needle stabs to withdraw their blood!
Some mentioned that the knowledge gained was an excellent foundation for their launch into real health.  It cleared up the confusion of the massive  unscientific articles and blogs on the Internet, especially in the area of fats.  Their comments were usually about how much better they felt and the tremendous boost in energy that they were experiencing.  They noted that the slow but steady embracing of the CHIP lifestyle was so much easier than the fast “quick fix” diets that so many other programs promote but are then soon abandoned.
Most have basically become vegetarians and some have progressed further to the vegan diets which were promoted.   Together they aimed to walk 10,000 steps daily with the pedometers supplied by the program.   Later they totaled up their mileage and discovered that they had walked 3,158 km--the highway distance to the Alaskan border from Creston!  Many lost between 8 to 10 pounds in the four weeks and had their cholesterols drop about 15%.  All other blood result indicators had also shown significant improvements.   Only one person was a smoker.  She asked how she could stop and an  one-hour impromptu, but  comprehensive. Breathe Free program was given to her and her daughter on the final day.  They shared the materials with two other family members in Northern Alberta and now all four will be on the program together and more are expected to join them.  What an added blessing of the highly respected CHIP program.
Participants commented that the food was extremely tasty and that the helpful hints by Gloria and the recipes received along with each evening’s presentation were “excellent.”  All the kitchen staff , table hosts and directors were seen as very welcoming  and considerate of everyone’s needs.
One lady,  who lost 12 pounds, can hardly wait until her husband returns from his trip to Germany so see her new trim and youthful appearance—and will introduce the delicious and nutritious meals to him.  Another who lost 10 pounds, has invited her brother in Calgary to visit to share her knowledge, excitement and meals.  She will then encourage him to take the program on  returning to his own city.  Another, who used to walk 1 km in 25 minutes to visit her friend, but had to stop 5 times to catch her breath, now is walking that distance in just 14 minutes and never stops.  She is even enjoying walking up hills again. 
Another, who is trained in alternative and Chinese medicine, admitted that he was very pleased with the program, that it was “right on” as far as being based on respected and well-researched medical science.   He noted “I definitely got my money’s worth.”  One other confided she did see one draw back to the program—“My clothes are becoming so baggy!  I will need to spend more money on either new clothes, or on dry cleaning some from the past which I was able to wear back then and not since!”  Nice problem, I’d say.   In summary—I believe our community was blessed by a professional, scientifically sound medical program offered to them with love and grace by dedicated Adventist volunteers.

Gratitude Gifts from the Graduates of the Creston CHIP 2016 program to Gloria and Dawna, Main Directors