Presidential Blessing: November 26

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Presidential Blessing: November 26
Greetings from Kelowna! Pastor Last evening, Pastor Brake and I were of service to the Westbank Church family to assist them to conclude the selection process of their new pastor. It was an amazing meeting! Today, we will be with the Kelowna Church family aiming to achieve the same goal. Please pray for all of us and for an outcome that will glorify God’s name.

I had an unique experience this week: God has given me the opportunity and privilege to travel to different places. Many of them for His work. I have felt the human anxiety of dealing with border officers... One can have all documents ready and be prepared, but at the end, those officers have the final word, including the way they interpret the Immigration laws. So far, all of that had been in connection with my family and myself. This past Wednesday afternoon was different. I went to the border to receive our new pastor for the Spanish Churches and to be his mediator… He was crossing the border with his wife – car fully loaded – with all the documents previously sent to him and an approved visa by a foreign Canadian Embassy. However, as the law states, the final word and decision is to be granted at the entry port of our country. Things were in order we all had done everything possible and according to the law.

We went inside of the border office, things seemed to okay at first. However, the border office was not in agreement with one line in the job offer letter. She called me to the counter, as a representative of the employing organization (mediator), to explain the meaning and purpose of those words on the letter. I was secure and I calmly explained to her what we meant. Things became a bit tense when she declared that she would not be able to allow our pastor to enter the country under those circumstances. What to do? I just signed to our pastor and we prayed silently in our minds right there. I requested to call our Immigration lawyer to assist us with that situation, since she was the one who had helped us to prepare that letter. The request was granted. I had spoken to the lawyer earlier on that day and asked her to be ready for any potential call from the border. Nonetheless, when I called her she was in a meeting. I gently explained to the lawyer’s secretary that she was expecting a call from me and that I facing an emergency situation at the border. While waiting, I called Mary at the office and asked her and the folks there to pray for us at the border and be ready to change the letter, if that would be necessary. In one minute the lawyer was on the phone with me. She was also surprised with the requested change to be made in the letter, but instructed me to do so. What to do? It would still be at the discretion of the border office… We prayed! At that point, I kindly reminded the officer that that letter format was the one that we had used a few months ago for another pastor and that was okay. She said, “I will check on that and will get back to you.” We were there at the border for over two hours “in the hands and mercy of the officer.” In the end, “unexpectedly” everything was okay and our pastor and his wife entered Canada to begin their ministry for our congregations! What happened? Prayer works!!!

This morning some Bible verses came to my mind – Gal 3:28, Col. 3:11. Christ makes no distinction of nationality for us to come before His presence. This is supported on Heb. 4:16. We can all come before His throne to receive His grace. Furthermore, Eph. 2:14 tells us that Christ has broken down the separation barrier and that He is our peace! In no way I am condemning the work of the officers at the border. They serve the purpose for the current situation we live in our world. But my point is simple: Soon, the day will come when borders will not be needed! We will be with Christ, forever! Most importantly: I was a fallible mediator, Christ is the perfect mediator and we are in His hands – Heb. 4:15-16. We can come to Him anytime and through Him, we come before God, in the second compartment of the Heavenly Sanctuary. Thank you Jesus! That is my prayer today!

There are exactly five weeks left until Dec 31. Let us continue to Pray and Work Together to Reach 150 Souls for Jesus in our Conference during the 120 Days!

Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,