Presidential Blessing: October 1

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Presidential Blessing: October 1

Greetings from home, sweet home! Soon, I will be driving to Camp Hope to attend and participate in the NAD Health Summit that is taking place there since this past Wednesday evening. I had the privilege to present a devotional there yesterday morning. I was impressed with the well organized program - sponsored and organized by the NAD Health Ministries with a great support from Pastor Brake and the BC Conference Health Team. Elder Dan Jackson, NAD President, will be the speaker this morning. Please pray for the spiritual success of this event.
This week I attended the New Conference Presidents’ Orientation at the NAD, in Silver Spring, MD. Besides being very informative and practical, this training provided me with the opportunity to meet with the other 9 new conference presidents in the NAD territory. It was a well spent time!
Among the presentations in connection with the different styles of leadership, the one that I enjoyed the most was about Moses’. He is one of my favourite figures and leaders in the Bible. Let us consider just some of his leadership qualities:
  1. To be a leader of God’s people, Moses had to unlearn his previous knowledge and training and empty himself from his pride to learn about God personally and be of service to others. He chose to let go the human honor and glory and to depend on God alone, day by day. (Heb. 11:23-30)
  2. Moses was a humble and meek servant leader (Num. 12:3) who accepted the call reluctantly, but dedicated himself to acknowledge and allow God’s power in His life. Power from God, not from or for himself!
  3. Moses had a learning spirit and was open and willing to hear from those of more experience and to delegate. (Exo. 18:13-27)
  4. He was a man of prayer – God was first in his life & heart! (Psalm 90)
  5. Moses was a genuine intercessor for the people – he was even willing to offer himself and lose “his benefits,” for the sake of those he was leading! (Exo. 32:9-14, 31-32)
  6. His face shone the radiance of his intimate relationship with God. The people saw it for themselves. Moses was not even aware of this and did not publicized it. Others saw it in him, naturally. He just stayed close to God and brought glory to God’s name, not his own. (Exo. 34:29-35)
  7. Moses did not make his way, he asked, but God did not allow him to enter the earthly promised land (Deut. 3:24-27)… Why??? Because God had already prepared something far better for Moses – to bring him to heaven and to be in His presence, forever… (Jude 1:9; Matt. 17: 2-3) 
As we serve God and His people, sometimes we may feel lonely, tired, forgotten, bypassed, unrecognized, criticized, uncertain about the fruit of our labor… However, let us just remember Moses’ servant leadership: He was not there for himself, but for God’s people, and ultimately, it was not about him, but it was ALL about GOD!
I pray that the example of Moses (a human, like you and me) will encourage all of us to continue to serve God and His people faithfully, for His glory!
Note: Let us continue to pray and be involved in the 120 Days of Prayer and Working Together to Reach 150 Souls for God’s Kingdom by December 31.
Happy Sabbath!
In His Service,   
Wesley Torres
Wesley Torres, D.Min.